Rafa Mir steals the spotlight from García Pimienta

Rafa Mir steals the spotlight from García Pimienta
Rafa Mir steals the spotlight from García Pimienta

Sevilla will start its pre-season this Saturday, after two days of medical examinations, under the orders of Xavier García Pimienta. Logically, in the first day of school is that all eyes were focused on the coach, but the reality is that The spotlights will be on Rafa Mir this timea forward who has still not unlocked his exit from the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

In Valencia they wanted him for Monday and in Seville, they would probably have preferred that he not be there this Saturday. However, in this world of football where everything turns so many times, and what is black today can be white tomorrow, Everything points to Rafa Mir being present at Sevilla’s first training session.

As we reported last Thursday, Sevilla and Valencia had everything closed for the loan, with an option to buy, of Rafa Mir to Mestalla, but the latest demands from his agent – who asked for 10% of the future transfer – have put a stop to everything.

During Friday’s session, neither of the parties in question wanted to rule anything out, but the reality is that, just a few hours before the first training session, everything remains stuck.

Rafa Mir celebrates his goal against Alavés (Photo: Kiko Hurtado)

Sources close to the operation make it clear to ElDesmarque that, as soon as Rafa Mir’s demands return to the origin, where it was understood that Sevilla agreed to pay the amortization, Valencia paid his salary (despite not making any reduction or forgiving anything) and the purchase option was reduced to just five million, everything will be closed. It depends on him.

Joan Jordán, another ‘guest’ at Rafa Mir’s party

As we said, it seems that García Pimienta’s departure will be almost anecdotal. The reason is that, in addition to having Rafa Mir under his orders, the Sevilla coach will also have to work with Joan Jordán, another of those who is called to leave and another of those who is not making things easy for the club.

As we have told you in this medium, the footballer is clear that he can still have a place at Sevilla and wants to fulfil his contract (it still has three years left) despite the fact that the club has already informed him that it does not count on him.

The club is clear that it will not exclude or discriminate against anyone (by law, it cannot do so), but it will not change its mind either. Not with Rafa Mir, who already knows what he must do to change his situation, nor with Joan Jordán, who continues to not listen to offers.

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