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A few months ago, it was all laughter and fun with ‘Checo’ Pérez’s season in Formula 1. He had a good start and, alongside Max Verstappen, he was on the podium four times. Third place in the Chinese Grand Prix marked a before and after in his performance. That was in April and since then, he has not had any good results. This weekend, at the British GP, he has another opportunity.

At the beginning of June, Red Bull made the long-awaited announcement: Pérez signed a two-year renewal. Christian Horner reiterated his support: “We trust in ‘Checo’ and we hope that he returns to his best form and performance that we so often see…” However, patience could run out very soon and the outlook for the Mexican driver could change.

Red Bull made history last season by achieving a 1-2 with their drivers in the World Championship, but the situation is different now with Verstappen in the lead and his teammate in fifth place. In addition McLaren is lurking in the constructors’ championship with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri fighting for every point week after week.

‘Checo’ Pérez has shared the podium with Max Verstappen in four races this season, the last being in April. (Photo: EFE).

Is ‘Checo’ Pérez’s contract with Red Bull at risk?

Now that Max Verstappen was affected by the crash with Lando Norris at the Austrian Grand Prix, the need for a positive reaction from ‘Checo’ Pérez for the benefit of the team was evident, however, despite the setback, he finished behind the Dutchman.

Signing the contract could have been a turning point for Pérez at an important moment for the team in the fight to retain the title, but it was not to be and performance continues to plummet.

Horner has defended ‘Checo’ at every opportunity, and has also had confidence in him in the media and in the midst of pressure from fans who have demanded the signing since the announcement. However, the recent statements by the Red Bull boss to Sky Sports opens the door for speculation about an early end.

“The first four or five races were very competitive and whatever happened has put him off the pace…” he told the same newspaper after the Austrian Grand Prix, highlighting the gap between the two drivers: “At Suzuka, one of the toughest tracks in the world and a real drivers’ circuit, I was a tenth of a second behind Max; here, with nine corners to go, the difference is obviously much greater. We have to get to the bottom of it and help him recover.”.

‘Checo’ Pérez has not been of much help to Red Bull in the tight race to retain the constructors’ championship. (Photo: EFE).

What did Christian Horner say about ‘Checo’ Pérez’s contract?

On that same occasion, the team director said that “Checo’s position within the team and what he has contributed” justified the signing of the contract extension. However, he also referred to the current circumstances: “‘Checo’ knows that it is a business under pressure and is aware of the scrutiny that exists, particularly in a car that is winning a lot of races and performing well with the other driver.”

“That’s F1, and that pressure naturally exists on any teammate who is not performing at his best,” he added, but qualified it with a new vote of confidence: “He has always been able to bounce back. And will have to work hard to achieve this.”

Also, this Friday during the broadcast of the free practices by Fox Sports They also mentioned rumours surrounding an analysis of their performance in the upcoming races to assess the team’s strategy for the following season.

How has ‘Checo’ Pérez fared in the 2024 Formula 1 season?

  • Bahrain Grand Prix: 2nd place
  • Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: 2nd place
  • Australian Grand Prix: 5th place
  • Japanese Grand Prix: 2nd place
  • Chinese Grand Prix: 3rd place
  • Miami Grand Prix: 4th place
  • Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix: 8th place
  • Monaco Grand Prix: Retirement
  • Canadian Grand Prix: Retirement
  • Spanish Grand Prix: 8th place
  • Austrian Grand Prix: 7th place
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