Between Teruel and Pamplona, ​​the bulls of the people

Between Teruel and Pamplona, ​​the bulls of the people
Between Teruel and Pamplona, ​​the bulls of the people

Between Teruel and Pamplona, ​​bullfighting in the peopleLevante TV

Teruely PamplonaThey close the love triangle in which Chance and destiny gravitate upon us during the month of July. TheAngel Fair and the Sanferminesjoin the Valencia July Fair.

There is probably no more personal and more popular festival in the long bullfighting season than the one held in Teruely PamplonaHere bullfighting is built on the history of the town, its inhabitants, their experiences and their adopted people during that week.

In Teruelbullfighting is lived with a free spirit without ties. The celebration of the bullfighting flutters in the warmth of the sun and accentuates the legend of his novel with the emotion of the bull. The bull, of course, above everything and everyone. Just like in the Sanfermines. It is a total of 875 metres of a bull run that burns the conscience with every cobblestone, with every stride to catch the bull, and tinges it with unforgettable sensations. A sacred race that justifies life.

Where to listen to the podcast Load the Luck with Jaime Roch

Every Saturday, the bullfighting critic of Levante-EMV Jaime Roch brings you the best information about the bullfighting and the magic of its world. One of the most expressive arts we have today on the face of the earth with an emotionally dramatic dialogue between the person and the bull that is unique. A true, pure encounter between the animal and the bullfighter that leaves no one indifferent from the stands. The podcast can be heard at Spotify and the rest of the major audio platforms: Apple Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts o YouTube. And every Saturday a new episode.

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