The unstoppable De la Fuente

Ethe unstoppable From the source and his memorable Spain are already in the semi-finals. And not in any way. They are two steps away from the title of the Eurocup after a historic full house five championship victories. A triumphant path that began in the group stage, passing as leaders with three victories (Croatia, Italy and Albania)beating in the round of 16 (Georgia) and winning again in the quarterfinals to eliminate the all-powerful host: Germany. A triumph that Mikel Merino dressed up as a feat with a header that keeps the ‘Source Effect’ at the top.

“What I want is for my players to value me. That is my daily test. That is what worries me. I don’t care what people think outside. “I would be worried if the players didn’t support me. I’ll die for them as they will die for me.”said the Spanish coach.

A triumphant path

Goal by Mikel Merino (2-1) in Spain 2-1 Germany

De la Fuente knows that the work in the Euro is yet to be finished, but he wanted to give value to what has been done so far: “We are experiencing a historic milestone. First five wins in a championship, defeating the host… We are in a position to make history, but above all the example that the players are giving. They run when they have to and when they don’t.”

Of the many virtues of the national team, the ability to suffer and recover from blows received are two of them. And the coach proudly acknowledges this: “We had two bad moments during the match. The first was Pedri’s injury; but then the worst came with Germany’s goal at the last moment. However, We have been able to react because of the faith and pride that the footballers have”.

An exemplary team

Luis de la Fuente shows his pride in a press conference after obtaining the victory against Germany in

The competitive streak is the key to success. “They never tire of competing. It’s a source of pride to coach these players. Some have won everything at their clubs and others in the lower categories. This team will always fight for something. You can’t question their race, their pride, their quality and how well they play. The fact that they are all connected is a credit to them. “Those who play on Tuesday will give their all. I am proud of them. They are an example for a country and for society.”

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