Fabián Ruiz and the best dribble of the Eurocup against three German players

24 hours after the match between the Spanish National Team, Dani Olmowith its MVP, and Mikel Merinothe hero of ‘La Roja’ in the semi-finals, have been the names most repeated by both fans and the media. However, Fabián Ruiz made a great play that will remain in the memory of Spanish fans.

The Euro quarter-final match will be one of the most memorable at the end of the championship. Despite the fact that the first half ended 0-0, the match was played with great intensity and even controversial.

In the second half, Dani Olmo, who had replaced Pedri due to his knee injury, scored the first goal. Luis de la Fuente made several substitutions, changing Spain’s system and Germany began to take control of the match.

The German national team, through Musiala, Wirtz, Fullkrug and Havertzthey began to besiege ‘La Roja’. However, this was not enough to make Fabián Ruiz nervous.

Luis de la Fuente’s men had to take advantage of every possession to calm the game down and prevent Nagelsmann’s men from being unable to play. In the 80th minute, Mikel Merino received the ball on the right flank and, after a hat trick to Müller, played with the PSG midfielder.

After a couple of checks, he found himself surrounded by three German footballers: Toni Kroos, Thomas Müller and Florian Wirtz. Even so, he hid the ball and, with a simple touch, left the Germans out of the play, giving us a historic dribble.

The Palacios and the pride of Fabián Ruiz

The PSG midfielder’s good Euro Cup performance has caused excitement and pride in his home town, The Palaces and Villafranca. From ElDesmarque, we were with some fans who highlighted the pride of the palace with the number ‘8’ of ‘La Roja’, who is being the best companion for Rodri Hernández in the Spanish midfield.

We are very excited to see you here.. There are families of his and we all come to support him. We want him to reach the final and hopefully it will take him a long time to come back with the cup,” said one of the fans at the bar about Fabián Ruiz. He revealed that the midfielder had already shown promise since he was a child, but “we didn’t expect him to go as far as he has.”

We also had the chance to speak with the Spanish midfielder’s uncle. “Long live Spain, long live Fabian, long live Spain and long live Fabian,” he said proudly. “It’s the best.” Now Spain realizes what Fabian is“Here we are at Los Palacios, knowing what Fabián is like since he was little,” he added.

Fabián Ruiz celebrates his goal in the Spain-Croatia match at Euro 2024 (PHOTO: Cordón Press).


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