The key to the Copa América: how the semi-finals turned out and Argentina’s path to the final :: Olé

The key to the Copa América: how the semi-finals turned out and Argentina’s path to the final :: Olé
The key to the Copa América: how the semi-finals turned out and Argentina’s path to the final :: Olé

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The 2024 Copa América enters its defining phase. From 16 teams to eight. And, from eight, to five. While the Argentine National Team beat Ecuador on penalties, Canada surprised and did the same against Bocha Batista’s Venezuela. And, after Colombia beat poor Canada 5-0, Uruguay suffered for 90 minutes against Brazil and ended up eliminating them after a heart-stopping penalty shootout.

The Copa America semi-finals: Argentina-Canada and Uruguay-Colombia

With Argentina and Canada on the other side of the draw, The Cafetero knew that he was facing the most uneven match of the quarterfinals and did everything to confirm the predictions. In addition, it gave a clear message to the winner of the match between the Celeste and the Verdeamarela: they will not find an easy rival on their way to the final at the Hard Rock Stadium. And then it was the turn of one of the most important classics in South America…

In Las Vegas, Uruguay and Brazil were boring. It was 75′ in which the ball was not treated well, there was a lot of hitting (more than 40 fouls) and goal scoring opportunities were conspicuous by their absence. Apart from a couple of shots from Raphinha, little or nothing happened. And The most resonant thing in regular time was Naithan Nández’s tackle on Rodrygoat the end. Then, Sergio Rochet got the ball under the three posts and Martín Ugarte with the decisive penalty, put the Celeste in the semis.

Unlike World Cups, where two teams from the same group would not meet until the final, the decisive match of the Copa America will be one from Group A or B vs. one from Group C or D. The Argentine National Team could only face Uruguay or Colombia in the last match of the tournamentwhich will be played in Miami on July 14.

Copa America: the quarterfinals

  • Argentina 1 (4) vs. Ecuador 1 (2)
  • Venezuela 1 (3) vs. Canada 1 (4)
  • Colombia 5 vs. Panama 0
  • Brazil 0 (2) – Uruguay 0 (4)

The key to the 2024 Copa America

How is the Copa America going?


  • Argentina vs. Canada: Tuesday 9/7, 9pm, in New Jersey
  • Colombia vs. Uruguay: Wednesday 7/10, at 9 p.m., in Charlotte

Third place


  • 14/7: (Hard Rock Stadium de Miami)

The 2024 Copa America groups

What is the format of the 2024 Copa América?

The 16 qualified teams are divided into four groups of four teams. Those who finish 1st and 2nd in each group will advance to the quarter-finals, where the group winners will face the second-placed teams. It will be crossed: 1A vs. 2B (1), 1B vs. 2A (2), 1C vs. 2D (3) and 1D vs. 2C (4). And in the semis, the winners of 1 and 2 will cross paths, as well as the winners of 3 and 4, making it impossible for A and B to cross paths with C and D until the final.

Tiebreaker criteria in group stage

In the event that two or more teams finish with the same points at the end of the group stage, a series of tiebreaker criteria are applied to determine which teams advance to the next stage.

  • Highest number of points obtained during the group stage.
  • Highest goal difference during the group stage. Goal difference is obtained by subtracting goals conceded from goals scored.
  • Most goals scored during the group stage.
  • Most goals scored during the group stage.
  • Fewer red cards during the group stage.
  • Fewer yellow cards during the group stage.
  • By lottery.

The Copa America trophy. (EFE)

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