U-turn: While the sale of Barco progresses, River is considering whether to look for a midfielder :: Olé

U-turn: While the sale of Barco progresses, River is considering whether to look for a midfielder :: Olé
U-turn: While the sale of Barco progresses, River is considering whether to look for a midfielder :: Olé

06/07/2024 19:31hs.

It may have been the sector of the playing field where River had the most problems in the semester, but also the one that presents the most variety in the squad for Martin DemichelisFor that last reason, bringing in a midfielder was not a priority for the coaching staff in the winter transfer market, even despite the loss of Agustín Palavecino, who is already training at Necaxa, his new club. But the transfer period often presents changing scenarios, which transform needs from one moment to the next. And that is what could be about to happen at River with the possible sale of Esequiel Barco to Spartak Moscow: The verbal offer that arrived at the Monumental offices on Friday shook the ground. And beyond the fact that Núñez wants it to be put on paper and also impose some conditions of sale for an operation that could reach, with objectives, a total close to US$18,000,000 grossThe feeling in the #21’s circle is that Barco is spending his last hours as a River player and that he will emigrate in the next few days to live his first experience in Europe and receive a contract that, at least, triples the one he has in Argentina.


An unexpected turn

And this unexpected turn of events until a few days ago in the departures section can bring its replicas in the reinforcements section. Beyond monitoring the transfer book and being open to the market possibilities that may appear (one of them, for example, was that of Frank Carboni in a position that was not urgent in the first draft that Demichelis made), The sports management always had it clear that the search for a mixed midfielder was not one of the basic needs that they had been entrusted with during this break. It was in fact one of the reasons why River did not advance Iker Muniain beyond the already known complications with a quota of foreigners that will be filled if the much-anticipated arrival of Bareiro takes place. The Spaniard was very direct in expressing his intentions, but he was not the only one: Erik Lamelafree after his time at Sevilla, also hinted a month ago that he was open to any possibility when he was asked about a possible return. The truth is that for Demichelis there was already an overpopulation of media and the decision, beyond the return of Felipe Peña Biafore and the departure of Palavecino, was not to touch that area unless some important player leaves. And Barco is undoubtedly one of them.

Although EB had lost some of his place as a regular in the starting 11 in 2024, Demichelis had redefined him as a variant to play as an inside midfielder beyond his original offensive characteristics, leaving Echeverri as a playmaker. Between the possible sale of Barco and the logical uncertainty generated by the departure of Diablito to the Olympic Games (this Saturday he traveled to Manchester to do some paperwork with the club’s license and then he will join the U23s directly in Paris) in view of the first leg of the round of 16 match against Talleres, Now the situation can change at any moment and the driver’s seat can come into focus. Yes, a sudden change of direction…


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