The new Romareda will be a blue and white “pressure cooker” with 43,110 seats and 50,266 tickets can be sold for concerts

If Enrique Bunbury will act from 2028 In the new Romareda, I could sing before 50.266 fans16,350 more than now. Zaragoza has the political will to return to the international live music circuit, and with the renovated field it will have an adequate venue to do so. And the old Romareda is not up to par. Fernando Martínez Altarriba, director of Idom in Zaragoza, the consultancy firm that designed the project, admits that it makes him somewhat sad, but that “The stadium needs a complete renovation and cannot continue like this.” “Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the Second Division, let’s see if we can suddenly change things and return to the First Division with a pitch in good condition,” he says.

The execution project of the new Romareda hardly presents variations with respect to the basic one. It will have 43,110 seats to meet the demands of the International Football Federation (FIFA), which required that the number of seats open to the press be increased during the 2030 World Cup matches, and that the number of seats open to the public should not be less than 40,000. But if the club gets promoted and the city grows, will the ground become too small? Martínez Altarriba does not think so. “It is up to Real Zaragoza to decide the size of the stadium. With the number of fans it has, we prefer it to be almost always full rather than empty. And there are economic parameters. We cannot build a stadium for 55,000 just in case we are European champions,” he warns.

The director of Idom does not reveal the cost of the stadium. According to recent statements by the Mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, it would be around 150 million euros. Yes, she refers to the execution of the work, which will be carried out in two phases, the first, in the 24-25 campaign, with the club playing at La Romareda; the second, when the rest are carried out when the matches are played in the portable stadium in the Parking Norte.

“The move saves time because the operation changes. The playing field will be the storage area for materials and work can be done in parallel. The only thing we are concerned about is coordinating everything and being able to resolve any problems that may arise,” says the director of Idom in Zaragoza.

The first match point is now played.The demolition of the Urban Planning Department must be carried out and the area made passable before the start of the League. Martínez Altarriba explains that the contractor’s proposal set the end between 16 and 18 August, and recalls that Zaragoza will start the competition with three away games.

Regarding the basic project, the technical rooms have also been expanded and changes have been included at the request of municipal technicians to comply with the ordinances. FIFA can request modifications until the start of the 2030 World Cup, although these will be technological updates and the stadium “will be adapted without problems.”

La Nueva Romareda SL will contribute to the profitability of the stadium for the team and for society adjuvant and tertiary uses. The implementation project includes the possibility of including a museum, a tour, a themed restaurant… But it will be up to the club to decide. In any case, it is normal to have access to part of the stadium 365 days a year, as is having a museum and a shop, and in the case of the future Zaragoza ground, it will have an added attraction. a rooftop terrace, overlooking Parque Grande, ideal for having a café or for organizing events.

And the new football stadiums, the cathedrals of the 21st century, are not just for playing football. With capacity to sell 50,266 ticketsthe new Romareda will be among the venues with the greatest capacity to host concerts and will be the most modern in the country. In addition, stadiums can be used to hold corporate events, car presentations and even weddings. “There are stadiums that organize 200 events a year, some with 20 attendees, others with 3,000,” he explains. But not only that. Rugby matches have been held in San Mamés and there are studies on the profitability of the field that point to the holding of boxing matches, alternative sports leagues such as ‘League of Legends’ or ‘King League’…

In the case of concerts, it is expected that Zaragoza can host two macro-concerts a year with full capacity and eight cycles, with about 12,000 spectators.

A blue and white ‘bonbon box’

The new Romareda, which will protect fans from the north wind, will be a pressure cooker, a Zaragoza ‘bonbon box’. This will be achieved by making the interior stands more vertical, by giving the stands a greater slope and by covering them with the spectacular roof, which will be inclined towards the pitch and will encourage fans to cheer even more. Blue and white will be the hallmark of the stadium, with nods to the colours of the rest of the kits. And it maintains, of course, the historic goal posts.

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