Max Verstappen laughs off McLaren’s ‘Who is Zak Brown?’

Max Verstappen laughs off McLaren’s ‘Who is Zak Brown?’
Max Verstappen laughs off McLaren’s ‘Who is Zak Brown?’

In SilverstoneMax Verstappen and Lando Norris showed a great maturity during Thursday’s media session. Both drivers spoke after the incident in Austria, and the controversy seemed to be completely resolved.

Norris revealed during the press conference that Verstappen did not even have to apologize and that he did not want to go back on what he said after the Austrian Grand Prix. Verstappen added that Friendship has not changedso everything is back to normal. But McLaren, however, did not back down. Andrea Star was very frank after the race in Spielberg and the CEO of McLaren, Zak Brownseemed anything but calm in the tone he used at Silverstone.

“I’m disappointed with a team as big as Red Bull, which almost encourages such behaviour behind the wheel, if you listen to what was said on the radio to the driver,” Brown revealed during the team bosses’ press conference, before adding: “We have seen that there is a lack of respect, whether it is for financial rules or sporting rules on the track, problems with parents and all that kind of thing. I don’t think we should be competing like this.”

Helmut Marko He responded to those comments not long after by stressing that Brown would do better to set an example for his own drivers: “I have no problem with parents and I was particularly disappointed with the way Norris was whining like a child during a big fight. He very politely retracted those words but perhaps Zak will resent that. He should draw a line within his own team, just let the drivers race.”

Verstappen can do little about Brown’s accusations

Max Verstappen agrees with the latter and doesn’t want to waste too many words on Brown. “That doesn’t do me any good,” he said when asked by at the end of the session with Dutch media about an idea from Brown, that Formula 1 would need full-time permanent stewards rather than rotating stewards. At this, Verstappen laughed and replied: “Who is Zak Brown?”

The three-time world champion’s main view is that Formula 1 is currently too controlled. He can therefore do little about another of Brown’s ideas, that the FIA ​​should create new ‘racing rules’.

“I think we already have too many rules for all kinds of things in Formula 1. In my opinion, something like that would only complicate things. Look at the regulations from 10-15 years ago and look at what they are now… It’s getting thicker and thicker, although maybe that’s also a bit of the world we live in.”

Finally, Verstappen hinted that the briefing The drivers’ meeting on Friday did not focus much on what happened in Austria. “No, it was really just about current things, things that we should be able to improve for the future with the circuits, the track limits and things like that. Apart from that, we didn’t talk about it any further,” he said.

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