This was the first day of “Pulga” Rodríguez on his return to Atlético Tucumán

This was the first day of “Pulga” Rodríguez on his return to Atlético Tucumán
This was the first day of “Pulga” Rodríguez on his return to Atlético Tucumán

The Simoqueño was one of the first to arrive at the complex, he trained and then signed the contract and a dozen shirts.

The return of Luis Miguel “Pulga” Rodriguez Atlético Tucumán marks the beginning of a new chapter, perhaps the most anticipated by fans in the history of the club. At 39 years old, the club’s greatest idol returned to the “decano” to continue writing its history.

“Pulga”, who played 325 games and scored 130 goals in his two previous spells, was welcomed with open arms by his teammates, coaching staff and fans who see in him not only an exceptional player, but a living symbol of the institution. There were several weeks of waiting for the announcement of the return of the Simoqueño and “Pulguita” made reference to that after his first practice. “I found out yesterday (on Friday) that he was coming back. I was as uncertain as everyone else, but that is now behind me, now we have to enjoy and be 100%. The priority was always Atlético,” said Rodríguez. His commitment to the “decano” was demonstrated when he explained that, despite the possibility that the transfer window for the Primera Nacional would be closed, he was always willing to wait for the call from Atlético. This display of loyalty and dedication undoubtedly resonates among the fans and members of the club.

The first day of training was full of expectations and emotions and began very early for the man from Simoque who arrived at the complex around 8 in the morning accompanied by his representative. Roberto San Juan“We haven’t spoken much with Sava yet, he just welcomed me. There are two weeks left until the start of the tournament, now we have to get in good physical shape for the championship,” said Rodríguez, showing his commitment and professionalism from the start. The relationship with coach Sava will be crucial for this new stage.

MEMORY. Pulga Rodríguez was photographed with a fan. Photo: Daniel Coronel

The training for “PR7” was differentiated, as was Joaquin Pereyra, Juan Infante y Lucas Ambrose (the last two injured), on the recommendation of the management as they did not have a signed contract. “It was like that because we had just signed the contract, there was no need to risk anything, from Monday we will give it 100%,” he clarified and commented on what he talked about with Pereyra for almost 30 minutes: “A bit of everything, he wants to emigrate, which is understandable, but well, if he does not get to that point, he is also willing to continue giving his best for Atlético,” he explained about the conversation with the “10”.

There was no doubt that one of the aspects that would impress Rodríguez the most upon his return was going to be the renovation of the sports complex. “I was happy to arrive and see the shape it is in. That’s something nice, everything is new, that means that things were done very well and that the professional team is well looked after as well as the youth teams,” he commented happily.

As he had said in his official presentation, “El Pulga” expressed his desire to quickly integrate into the team and be a significant contribution. “I want to play alongside whoever I choose.” Facundo (Sava), there are very good players, I’m not going to give names because I haven’t trained yet, there are good forwards. We’re going to try to be up to par, get minutes, score goals and help the team,” said Rodríguez. His focus is not only on his individual performance, but on how he can contribute to the team’s collective success. Despite having trained individually in Jujuy and Simoca, Rodríguez recognized the difference that training in a group makes. “I ended up playing in Jujuy and I didn’t stop training, I was in Simoca this week training on my own, it’s not the same to be in a group as to be alone, we’re going to gel,” he said, showing his willingness to quickly adapt to the team’s demands and strengthen group cohesion.

HIM AND HER. The hockey girls also took a photo with the forward. Photo: Daniel Coronel.

Which “Pulga” will the fans find? “The same one who left, giving my best so that the team does well,” he concluded, while being approached by many players from the “decano” youth team who waited patiently for “Pulguita” to finish attending to the media to take pictures and have their shirts signed. This was the first day of the “simoqueño” in the club of which he is an idol. Now it remains to wait for time to pass to see him officially dressed as “decano”, in the meantime he will receive the affection of everyone.

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