Brazil women’s basketball coach resigns over ‘principles and values ​​of my faith’

Brazil women’s basketball coach resigns over ‘principles and values ​​of my faith’
Brazil women’s basketball coach resigns over ‘principles and values ​​of my faith’

07/07/2024 at 20:05


The Brazilian women’s basketball coach, Jose Netorecently resigned from his position for following “the principles and values ​​of my faith,” as he himself explained in a lengthy statement on his social networks.

“In light of the recent events involving the physical trainer of the Brazilian women’s basketball team, Diego Falcão, a professional with whom I have worked for 17 years and who I have always chosen to be with me in the last clubs and teams in which I was a head coach; Also following the principles and values ​​of my faith, to which I owe everything I am and have, I want to announce that today I am leaving my position as coach of the Brazilian Women’s Basketball Team,” Neto wrote in a message posted on his social networks.

The coach made the decision to resign after the dismissal of the team’s physical trainer, Diego Falcão, a Catholic, for making anti-abortion posts on social media.

In his message, Neto wanted to thank immensely to the CBB, specifically to President Guy Peixoto and Vice President Marcelo Souza”, for allowing me to once again fulfill the dream of representing my country and for trusting in my work over the past 6 years.”

“I will be eternally grateful to my Technical Committee, more specifically to my direct assistants João Camargo and Virgil López and, of course, to the physical trainer Diego Falcão, as well as to all the people who were part of this working group in its most diverse moments. In addition, all the feeling of gratitude towards each athlete who was part of our path and who spared no effort to further raise the level of Brazilian women’s basketball,” he continued in the note.

“I end with a phrase that I have always used throughout our career: ‘In life there is no reward and there is no punishment. What exists is a consequence! ‘Sowing is free, but harvesting is mandatory!’ “May God bless each and every one of you immensely! Let’s keep moving forward!” concluded the now ex-Brazilian coach.

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