Copa America 2024: date and time for the semi-finals

Copa America 2024: date and time for the semi-finals
Copa America 2024: date and time for the semi-finals

The Copa America enters its final week with three of the favorites -Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay- and the surprise of the tournament, debutant Canada, as the four semi-finalist teams competing to be in the final in Miami next Sunday.

Argentina-Canada 2.0

Argentina reached the first semi-final after eliminating Ecuador in a penalty shoot-out, the same as Canada did with Venezuela.

The two teams already played the opening match of the tournament with the Argentines winning 2-0, but Canada left an unexpectedly good taste in the mouth that later turned out to be no flash in the pan.

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Colombia-Uruguay, a duel of titans

Colombia is the only one of the four semi-finalists that did not need a penalty shoot-out to advance to the next round. Far from that, the Colombian team crushed Panama with a 5-0.

With James Rodriguez back in the game, Nestor Lorenzo’s Colombia is all about talent and good play. Luis Diaz and his teammates are very close to winning what would be the second Copa America in history for the Colombian team.

They will have to overcome Uruguay. Marcelo Bielsa’s men eliminated Brazil on penalties after a rough and difficult match, typical of South American qualifiers. Between the characteristic Uruguayan tenacity and Bielsa’s possession game, the Uruguayan players have been opting for the former.

If Colombia is going for its second Copa América, Uruguay has its sights set on number 16, competing with Argentina to be the team that has won the tournament the most times.

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Copa America 2024: date and time for the semi-finals

Argentina vs Canada

July 9, 7:00 pm (Colombian time)

Uruguay vs Colombia

July 10, 7:00 pm (Colombian time)

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