Aleix Garcia: “If Barça had wanted to come and sign me, they would have come”

Aleix Garcia: “If Barça had wanted to come and sign me, they would have come”
Aleix Garcia: “If Barça had wanted to come and sign me, they would have come”
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Aleix Garcia left Girona a few weeks ago to sign for Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen. A new project and a coach who has invested heavily in the midfielder from Ulldecona, who is leaving the Girona club in style. He no longer belongs to Girona, but he still talks about him as if he were still the captain. With pre-season training just a few days away, Aleix has given an interview to ‘Diari de Girona’ to review the latest news about the Girona club and his signing for Leverkusen.

Question: Are you studying German already?

Answer: “I’m pretty good at it at the moment. I can say simple things like ‘guten morgen’ or ‘guten tag’ (good morning). I’m looking forward to it, because it’s always good to learn the culture and language of a new country. I’m sure I’ll end up speaking it.

Q: In several radio interviews you said that staying at Girona was a priority. When did you realize that it wouldn’t be possible and why?

A: I wanted to have the option of staying at Girona because it was an incredible season and I was looking forward to playing in the Champions League here. In the end, after talks between the clubs, Girona and I decided that it was best for me to leave. I can always say that I fought until the last minute to stay.

Q: Was Leverkusen’s offer too much for both parties to refuse?

A: It is one of the best clubs in Europe and it has proven that. It was an important footballing challenge and also financially. My intention was to stay and I wanted to. The financial aspect was not the most important thing, but it had an influence and after talking amongst everyone this was decided.

Q: Does signing for Bayer mean growing as a player?

A: Girona has shown that it does things very well, it has future projects and a huge margin for improvement and will end up being an important club in Spain and in the future, also in Europe. Bayer has been in Europe for many years and is one of the greats of the Bundesliga. Right now, it is above, but I am convinced that with the potential it has, Girona can end up being a Bayer.

“I came to Second Division almost for free”

Q: Selling, as is being discussed, for twenty million euros, a player of his performance and who arrived at zero cost, must necessarily be a good deal for the club.

A: I guess. I came to Segunda for almost nothing. For the club, receiving this amount is positive. From a sporting point of view, I don’t know if it’s worth it. I’m not the one to say. If a player comes at zero cost and leaves for so many millions, the club will be happy.

Q: Did you have other offers?

A: One from West Ham. They were the only ones. If I had waited longer, perhaps I would have received another one. I considered Bayer to be the most positive, because of the coach and the style of play. Playing in the Champions League was a trigger.

Q: To what extent were Barça’s siren calls real?

A: In fact, there were talks between my agent and his sporting director. If they didn’t happen, it was because perhaps the situation at Barça didn’t allow it and he couldn’t. If they had wanted to come and sign me, they would have come. I don’t think anything of it.

Q: Have you spoken to Xabi Alonso?

A: We have been talking during the negotiation period. He has explained to me what he wants to do this season and what I can contribute. He is a coach who plays the perfect style for my game.

“I will miss Míchel”

Q: Will you miss Míchel?

A: I already mentioned him in the farewell video… He has been a very important person in my career. Without him I would not have had this opportunity. I am sure I will miss him. I hope he will miss me too. I wish him the best because he and his family are amazing people.

Q: What are your favorite memories from your time at Girona?

A: Everyone picks the wins against Barça last year. I have suffered a lot in my career and I prefer the promotion in Tenerife. Everything happens after going up there in a difficult game. That was the start of this glorious period. Without Tenerife we ​​would not be where we are now.

Q: What comes to mind when you remember that not long ago you were in Romania without pay and, as you said, ‘getting to know the shit of football’?

A: Well, with joy, because it has helped me become the player I am mentally. I have suffered a lot and it has helped me mature. Those bad experiences made me the player I am now. Girona has given me everything. I did a lot to be able to return. In fact, in 2021 I was the one who called Quique Cárcel to see if he still wanted me.

Q: How would Girona like to be remembered?

A: I can understand that there are different opinions. People who support my decision and others who don’t. I have shown that I am a player with a Girona spirit. That’s why I waited until the last moment to see if I had the chance to stay. I hope that I will be remembered as a club player who gave everything for the badge and who appreciates Girona above all else.

Q: Baena, Douglas Luiz, Porro, Riquelme… now you. They are all in top-level international clubs. Quique Cárcel has a good eye, doesn’t he?

A: He is a spectacular sports director. Every year, without anyone expecting it, he has put together great teams. He is key. The city is also partly to blame. Those of us who come here feel really comfortable and this allows us to get the most out of our performance.

Q: What role does Girona have to play in the Champions League?

A: They have to enjoy it. We’ve had such a beautiful year, full of magical moments and good football, because we enjoyed ourselves on the pitch and the fans did it with us. Girona have to enjoy it because it’s very difficult to be there. It will be difficult, but magical things happen at Montilivi and they will do so this season too.

Q: How will you feel if you have to confront it?

A: I wish I could. I would love to. Especially at Montilivi. It would be special. I’m leaving now, but Girona will always be my club. Obviously I’ll want to win.

Q: Would finishing twelfth or fourteenth this season be good for Girona?

A: People get spoiled very quickly. Everyone will expect the same year and to finish in the top four or six. I hope they do. They will have a chance, for sure. However, everyone has to be aware that the main objective has to be to stay up. Míchel, with the ambition he has, will have the challenge of continuing to do great things. The season we have had has to be highly valued.

Q: What is your top goal for the club?

A: It will end up being one of the six biggest in the Spanish League in the not too distant future. It has everything. The tools, the personnel, the sports city…

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