The other important reason why Markel Zubizarreta decided to leave the RFEF points to Rafa del Amo | Relevo

The other important reason why Markel Zubizarreta decided to leave the RFEF points to Rafa del Amo | Relevo
The other important reason why Markel Zubizarreta decided to leave the RFEF points to Rafa del Amo | Relevo

If there is one thing that Markel Zubizarreta has always tried to avoid, it is noise, both as sporting director of Barça and of women’s football at the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). For this reason, His decision and departure from the federation has been complicated. She gave a press conference to give explanations during a few days of calm, but just a few days before Montse Tomé’s list and less than a month before the Olympic Games. The noise was irremediable, but the decision had already been made and behind it were an “unrefusable offer” and personal reasons. Reasons that were supported by both the coach and the players when asked by journalists during the press conference. media day of the Selection, in which there was some rumour about his sudden departure and the move to Los Ángeles de San Rafael. However, this would be compounded by a difficult working relationship between Markel and Rafael del Amo, current president of the National Women’s Football Committee and whom the sports director thanked for his commitment to her signing with the federation in his farewell.

After his departure, Rumours have surfaced that the Catalan had not managed to fit in completely with the Navarrese leader, who has a strong voice in the RFEFwhere he has survived since the Villar era and was one of the heavyweights in women’s football during the era of Luis Rubiales and Jorge Vilda. Both are committed to different ways of working and that made teamwork towards common goals difficult. As Relevo has been able to find out, The matter left several discrepancies between the two and this added another weighty reason for leaving his position as sports director. and embark on a new adventure at club level.

Her destiny will not be a specific team, but the group that South Korean tycoon Michele Kang has built. It is the fashionable empire in women’s football, with teams such as Jonatan Giráldez’s Washington Spirit, London City and Olympique de Lyon. According to Relevo, Markel will first work at a general level during a first phasecontributing with their experience to the growth of this society. The idea is that, later, the architect of the best women’s Barça in history will opt for one of the branches of the group and focus your work on one of the teams.

Greater work-life balance, a challenge and a change of scenery

Until then, he will be able to live in Barcelona with his family, although he will also have to travel due to the work demands of this global group. In this way, he will be able to better balance his work and personal life. Added to this would be the great opportunity to develop in the great empire of women’s clubs.with a group that has made a strong push for this category on a global level. One more point for its enviable resume, in addition to its own growth at a professional level in areas that have not been explored until now.

With this aside, It should be noted that Markel was not entirely comfortable at the RFEF. Despite what he conveyed in his official farewell at the RFEF, the great proposal that came to his table was the final push to leave his post. The Catalan had worked in good harmony with the coaching staff and the players.. And he has even managed to get Patri Guijarro back to the national team, fulfilling one of his main objectives upon his arrival at the federation. Zubizarreta himself regretted disturbing the tranquility of the national team after the storm experienced with the Rubiales case, the departure of Jorge Vilda or other controversies, such as the computer error or the chaos experienced in Pasarón after the break against Italy, among others.

There is one thing this team does not deserve and that is to be surrounded by noise all day long. I feel very bad that I have caused noise, I hope it is as little as possible. They do not deserve this,” said the current sports director of the National Team, which will face the first Olympic Games in its history in less than a month. The players showed empathy and support. “It is something personal, totally respectable and acceptable. He warned us before it came out in the press, but we did not expect it,” said Irene Paredes during the National Team’s press conference in Los Angeles de San Rafael.

Markel contributed to the search for that professionalism and peace in the women’s football department at the RFEF. However, she did not manage to get along with Rafa del Amo, who continues to have a great influence on the decisions of the RFEF. A power backed by her role as President of the Women’s Football Committee. He is also the president of the Navarrese federation and, although he was the first to distance himself from Luis Rubiales by presenting his resignation – which was not accepted by Pedro Rocha and hence his continuity – he was one of the executors of the former president during the ‘Las 15’ crisis. A period that leaves statements and decisions that weigh on you years later.

The newspaper archive that pursues Rafa del Amo

“Before they didn’t even have names on their shirts. They are protesting about something that we don’t know about today. What do you want? Is it a disappointment not to make it past the quarter-finals at the European Championship? There are many to blame,” said the RFEF leader himself in an interview with the newspaper Navarre Diary, showing their displeasure with the protests of many of the players who today shine in the national team’s dressing room like stars: Aitana Bonmatí, Patri Guijarro and Mariona Caldentey, among others.

The differences of that time were put aside to continue walking together in the most successful stage of the National Team, champion of the World Cup and the Nations League and favourite for gold at the Olympic Games. Although, for the moment, they will do so with a void in the sports management. A fact that Montse Tomé avoided talking about after giving the final list of 18 summoned and 4 reserves for the appointment in Paris 2024. There are those who point to Javier Lerga, a man of confidence of Del Amo, as a possible replacement for Markel.

Although everything is still up in the air and it is worth remembering that this position, that of sporting director, was combined with that of coach by Jorge Vilda in the last stage of La Roja. It remains to be seen whether this duality will be repeated or whether someone like Markel Zubizarreta will be chosen to take the reins of this department.a signing that pleased everyone due to his vast experience and success at the helm of Barça. His departure once again leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouth regarding the management of the national team by the RFEF. Getting rid of suspicion – once again – will be the main objective of Rafa del Amor and Co.

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