Ferrari has already identified the problem with the latest improvements, admits Sainz

Ferrari has already identified the problem with the latest improvements, admits Sainz
Ferrari has already identified the problem with the latest improvements, admits Sainz

Ferrari’s new package of improvements, which was implemented a few weeks ago, has not yielded the expected results. However, it seems that, with the triple now over, they have managed to locate where the problem was, as Carlos Sainz assured after the Silverstone race. And that is probably the first step to solve it.

The Scuderia have not been able to get the full performance they had hoped for from the package of improvements they introduced at the start of the European tour. In fact, they have gone from being favourites and regulars on the podium, even ahead of McLaren, to having to fight hard. Perhaps they are now one step behind not only the papaya team and Red Bull, but also Mercedes, which has recently made a comeback.

But Sainz seems to have begun to see the light. The weekend at Silverstone has served to compare this package of improvements, which was introduced several weeks ago, with the old one. And they have accumulated certain data that seems to have provided several answers.

The Madrid native sees some progress. At least, the source of the problem has been understood, although now the other part of the work remains: work must be done in the wind tunnel in Maranello to correct the direction that will be taken from now on.

“We are finding our way again, we have understood what we did wrong and what was the wrong direction we took. Now we need more time in the tunnel and at the factory to fix the new package that really gives us performance, and not the problems we have had in recent races,” Sainz revealed in statements reported by Motorsport Italia.

It is worth noting that, until the victory in Monaco, everything was going smoothly. These were perhaps Ferrari’s best performances in the last two years, with two wins in the first races of the year. But then they have been losing ground, and McLaren, Mercedes and of course Max Verstappen have taken the lead.

“We basically have the same car from Imola and from there everyone has improved and probably made their cars faster by a few tenths, while we have had to go back and we have lost two or three months of performance gains in the wind tunnel and performance that we could have added in these three months, so it is clear that in these weeks we have not taken the right path,” Sainz admitted.

“I feel like we’ve at least gotten back to basics today. We’re back to a car that we know was good at Imola and we just need to improve it from here on out, but unfortunately our rivals are clearly one step ahead of us,” he added.

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