Wimbledon announces its unwanted end

Wimbledon is a cause for great concern. In addition to the problems that the Grand Slam always presents due to its tight schedules, which always cause the suspension or postponement of matches due to lack of light, this year inclement weather is being added. The rain is disrupting the organisation of the tournament too much. So much so that some even fear that the final will be postponed or that it will never take place, however strange it may seem. There are already precedents.

And to prevent this from happening and given the concern of tennis players and fans, Sally Bolton, presidenta del All England Club, has had to come forward to reassure everyone and to communicate an extreme measure that the organisers have in mind. A solution that, in turn, has already started to cause a stir.

“What worries me most is that it will continue to rain,” Bolton admits. Last Friday, up to forty matches on the outdoor courts had to be cancelled, as well as others having to be moved to the main indoor courts, in order to lighten the schedule.

It should be remembered that Wimbledon, as defined in its rules, is an ‘outdoor’ tournament, that is, it is played outdoors, but many of the important matches have had to be played with the roof closed, that is, in ‘indoor’ conditions. In the case of Carlos Alcaraz has had to play three of his four matches with the roof of the court closed.

“The big challenge is the variability of the weather. Because the forecast can say that in two days the weather will be good and then it changes.”stressed Bolton, who thanked the tournament workers for their efforts over the last few days.

One of the most significant cases It was Carlos Alcaraz’s next opponent in the quarter-finals, Tommy Paul: “I arrived at 9:15 in the morning and it started to rain when I was about to go out to warm up. I waited for about an hour and a half and was able to warm up for about ten minutes, until I had to go to the locker room, where they have a kind of golf game and we were there competing for three hours.” Despite this, the American beat the Spaniard Roberto Bautista.

Own Alcaraz had to suspend his Saturday training, while Djokovic He has even been seen lifting tarps to cooperate in the matter.

And if the situation does not improve or if it gets worse, it could even be played on cement: “Now we have an extra day, we believe we can play all the matches without any problem. Having two roofs helps us a lot, obviously, having an extra day and the fact that the mixed doubles is played in two sets and a ‘super tie break’ in the third also helps us. Playing indoors on courts would be a possibility, but the last of all.”

And outside the club, across the road, There are several covered courts that can be used in case of emergency. In fact, this is where the tournament between journalists was held this weekend.

Play matches on a surface other than grass It is not something foreign to tournaments in the United Kingdom. It happened this year, without going too far, at the Birmingham and Ilkley tournaments.

And although a Grand Slam has never been left without a final, on the ATP circuit there is a precedent for one that was left unplayed and that will never have a champion. It was the one contested in Monte Carlo in 1981 by Guillermo Vilas and Jimmy Connors and which had to be postponed first from Sunday to Monday and then suspended forever due to rain.

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