Luis Suarez’s taunt after Uruguay’s qualification: “Substitute”

Luis Suarez’s taunt after Uruguay’s qualification: “Substitute”
Luis Suarez’s taunt after Uruguay’s qualification: “Substitute”

The Uruguayan national team is celebrating after the victory on penalties against Brazil in the quarter-finals of the America Cup which is being played in the United States. The ‘Celeste’, which finished the match with 10 players after the expulsion of Nahitan Nández, held on to the tie during regulation time and won the penalty shootout. After the victory, Some players echoed Andreas Pereira’s statementsFulham and ‘Canarinha’ midfielder, who had made spicy comments before the match.

“If you look at each team, I’m sure Uruguay would dream of having the team we have. I’m sure they’re also thinking ‘we’re going to play against the Brazilian team’. It will be very difficult for them, much more so than for us,” the 28-year-old footballer had said before the match. After Uruguay’s qualification, some took advantage of the mixed zone to respond to his comment. Luis SuarezLionel Messi’s current teammate at Inter Miami, did not hold anything back against Pereira.

Suarez’s statements: “We must have a little respect”

The historic Uruguayan striker attacked the Brazilian and highlighted the figure of one of his teammates in the National Team: To talk about Uruguay, sometimes you have to have a little respect. You have to know the history that Uruguay has, because before saying that there are players who want to be in the Brazilian national team, I’ll tell you that the person who made that comment was De Arrascaeta’s substitute, the best player in Brazilian football.”

Sergio Rochet, the goalkeeper who stopped Eder Militao’s shot in the penalty shootout, also spoke out: “They get you wet and you get a little angry, furious. We know that Brazil has an important history, but it was not to be underestimated in the way that that player did. We got angry because it affects you, any Uruguayan. He should eat his words. We are, as always: with our feet on the ground, humility and work, because there is still a way to go.”.

Bielsa’s painful statement about South American football: “The poorest”

Marcelo Bielsa surprised everyone in a new press conference prior to one of the corresponding matches of the Copa America USA 2024. As usual, the coach of the Uruguayan national team -which will face Brazil It is Saturday July 6th from 10pm– did not hesitate to talk about a particular topic and go into depth not only with his opinion, but also with a fact that quickly went viral. It has to do with South American football and with a moment that happened to him in his career.

A Brazilian journalist asked him about the final of the 1992 Copa Libertadores in which “El Loco” was directing Newell’s in the final against San Pablo. The “Lepra” fell to its Rio de Janeiro counterpart, which had great stars which shortly afterward shone in Europa. In turn, the Rosario native drew a parallel between that moment of sport on this continent with what is currently being experienced at club level and what happens with the young promises.

“Essentially Football is popular property. Because, why The poor have very little ability to access happinessbecause they do not have the money to buy it. Then, Football, as it is free, is of popular origin and is one of the few things that the poorest maintain horizontally, they no longer have it“, began Bielsa and later appointed Endrick y Estevao Willianlike the two Brazilian stars who will not continue playing in their country.

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