Dávila advances to be America’s reinforcement

Dávila advances to be America’s reinforcement
Dávila advances to be America’s reinforcement

During this transfer market, América’s board focused on reinforcing the goal and midfield, and it is in these positions where the three reinforcements that they announced before matchday 1 of the Apertura 2024 of the Liga MX have arrived, with the arrivals of Rodolfo Cota, José Iván Rodríguez and Erick Sánchezbut there are still other positions to be filled.

With the departures of Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodríguez and Julián Quiñones, América’s attack was greatly weakened without these two players who, in addition to playing on the left wing, could also play in the center and even replace Henry Martín to occupy the center forward position.and once the tournament has started, neither of these two players have been replaced and it seems to be the next step for the Eagles.

In recent days, information has emerged that Club América is very close to finalizing the signing of Rodrigo Aguirre, and he would be one of the players to reinforce the attack, but one more player would still be needed and that seems to be the Chilean, Víctor Dávila.who already played in Mexican soccer when he was at Club León, where he stood out and later went to Russian soccer.

The Chilean’s profile is highly appreciated by the top brass of Club América for his ability to perform both as a left winger and as a centre forward and even in other attacking positions.but these two are the main ones that he has developed throughout his career and although it seems that his arrival is very difficult, little by little it is beginning to materialize.

Victor Davila is getting closer to America

Victor Dávila played in the MX League from 2017 to 2023 (Imago)

According to information from Fernando Esquivel, Club América is advancing in negotiations with CSKA Moscow for Víctor Dávila, with an offer close to 7 million dollars for the Russian team, which paid a higher amount for the Chilean when it bought him from Club Leónupon leaving Mexican soccer.

It is not yet a done deal and there is no agreement between América and CSKA Moscow for Víctor Dávila, but negotiations are progressing between the parties and next week will be key to defining the future of the Chilean.who would like to leave Russian soccer because he does not feel comfortable in this team, and his main desire is to return to the Liga MX and could do so to the current Mexican soccer champion.

The arrival of Víctor Dávila to the blue-cream team would represent a profile quite similar to that managed by “Cabecita” Rodríguez and Julián Quiñones, although he certainly does not have the hierarchy that these two possessed.who had been Liga MX stars and scorers, something that Dávila did not achieve during his time at Club León before leaving for Russia.

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