Zumarraga: Great Urola handball party

Zumarraga: Great Urola handball party
Zumarraga: Great Urola handball party

Cristina Lima

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Monday, July 8, 2024, 7:58 PM

The Urola handball club dressed up for a party on Saturday to celebrate the end of the 2023-2024 season. Matches between parents and children, a meal with more than 300 people, trophies, a DJ, kalejira… set the stage for a great day.

«It was a great end to a great season, in which we have managed to win the Gipuzkoa Championship with the RSA cadet men’s team, the Gipuzkoa Cup with the Antonio Aranzadi junior men’s team and Deskarga Aroztegia junior men’s team and the Federation Trophy with the 2nd territorial Cristalería Goiherri team, as well as being runners-up in the San Juan de Tolosa Tournament with the Urzum junior women’s team», they proudly list. The day began by putting the ball into play. During the morning, various matches were played between fathers and mothers against sons and daughters (from the handball school to the children’s category) in the Ispilla sports centre and in the La Salle playground. The cadets, juniors and seniors also played, in this case, creating teams that fought each other.

The celebration continued with a meal for 315 guests, including players, family members, coaches and members of the board, followed by the presentation of trophies, both those won by the different teams in their competitions, and those awarded to the most valued players of each team, the latter chosen by their own teammates.

This was followed by a party with a DJ until 7:00 p.m., when they set off on a kalejira through the town accompanied by the Musika Eskola trikitixa, which ended in the Kalebarren Areizaga square.

New signings

“From here we would like to encourage anyone who wants to play handball and be part of our big family next season to join us at the end of August, when we will start training,” the board said. “We would also like to thank everyone who participated and collaborated in the celebration of Saturday’s party,” they said.

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