Even Max Verstappen is amazed by Carlos Sainz

EIn changing conditions, the best drivers always come out and Carlos Sainz showed at Silverstone that even in the rain he has a masterclass. The SF-24 was still not going very well, but the Spaniard was able to take it to fifth position, which is currently beyond the capabilities of the Italian team.

When it started to rain for the first time in the race, some, like Leclerc, rushed to put on rain tyres. Others, like Carlos, instead, showed their talent in mixed conditions and They stayed on dry tyres, which was the right choice at the time.because the track was not wet enough for intermediates, but it was wet enough to make driving very difficult for the drivers.

And it was there that Carlos, who He was several seconds behind Max Verstappen and at no time could he think of catching him, because the Red Bull had more pace than the Ferrari, he put his pace on the table. In a few laps and risking a lot, but without making mistakes, he was one of the fastest drivers on the track and He managed to get on top of Max, below the second.

Sainz’s pace in mixed conditions

The Dutchman, who thought he had the situation under control, He was surprised by the pace of the Madrid nativeas at that time he was much faster than him. “Carlos was fast on those laps. I think he was five or six seconds behind me and suddenly I looked in the rearview mirrors and he was right behind me. Wow!” he said in surprise at the cooldownroom where the three on the podium go at the end of the race.

So no, That speed that Sainz showed in mixed conditions made Max hallucinate. And it is not the first time he does it, in Portugal 2020 he also did something similar. In fact, when he finished the race, Carlos explained that he felt comfortable in those conditions“When it started to rain and we were all in very difficult conditions with the dry tyre, I was able to take a bit of a risk, make the difference and get closer to the leaders again,” said the ’55’.

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