Real Zaragoza’s first training session and Víctor Fernández’s first talk

Real Zaragoza’s first training session and Víctor Fernández’s first talk
Real Zaragoza’s first training session and Víctor Fernández’s first talk

In pictures | Real Zaragoza returns to trainingMiguel Angel Gracia


First contact of Real Zaragoza with the grass and with the ball. Following the routine medical examinations, the Aragonese team’s players have taken to the pitches of the Ciudad Deportiva for the first time to carry out their first pre-season training session.

Joan Femenias and Mario Soberon have been the most sought after as they are the only new faces in the Zaragoza squad. Because, apart from that, there has been no other notable news at the start of the training session. The same 30 players who were summoned yesterday to undergo the physical tests have been the ones who have been present at the Sports City, which means that, one more day, there has been no significant progress in the ‘exit operation’ that would justify the absence spoiled by no footballer.

The relaxed atmosphere with which the Zaragoza players entered the field soon turned into faces of concentration. Because Victor Fernandez, with a serious face, did not let a minute pass and wanted to give his players the first talk of the course. It was short.about five minutes, but the Zaragoza coach wanted to share his first impressions with some footballers who listened attentively and nodded at Víctor’s words.

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VIDEO | This is what Real Zaragoza’s first training session of the 2024-25 season was likeMiguel Angel Gracia

Once the talk is overCristian, Francho and Borge have retired to the gym to continue with their specific plans to recover 100% from their respective injuries. Carlos Nieto has continued with the group, having had to postpone his honeymoon trip to join Zaragoza’s preseason on time.


The rest of the players have begun to do warm-up exercises in what has been a very pleasant time. Alejandro Francés was particularly smiling, showing a lot of complicity with Marc Aguado and joking with Lecouche. On the other hand, Maikel Mesa and Bakis, perhaps with their minds elsewhere and waiting for their respective exits, have been very serious and uncommunicative. during the first part of the session. For their part, the newcomers (Soberón and Femenías) have been rather timid.

After these stretches, in some exercises in which Miguel Lampre, the physical trainer, has taken the lead, the Real Zaragoza players have already touched the ball. While the goalkeepers (Femenías, Poussin and Rebollo) have done separate tasks, the players, divided into three groups, have done aA circuit of passes in which precision in the controls was the key in a day that served as an appetizer to check everything that the team has ahead of it in order to reach the start of the competition with the maximum guarantees.

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