“I don’t think all that pressure is good”

“I don’t think all that pressure is good”
“I don’t think all that pressure is good”

“I don’t think all that pressure is good for Nico”Efe

The name of Nico Williamswho renewed his contract with the Athletic until 2027 On December 1st of last year, continues to be on everyone’s lips and his teammates are no strangers to it in Lezama.


Alex Berenguer, direct competition of the international winger in the red and white team, expressed his opinion on the matter in the press room of the Bilbao factory, where he initially pointed out the being questioned about the constant gossip surrounding Nico And if there is fear in the locker room that he will leave Athletic, “we are here, Nico is at the Eurocup, where he is doing very well and then we will see.”. Berenguer did not want to go any further at first, but became more critical when asked about the continuous Questions and comments related to your future to which the youngest of the Williams has been subjected in recent weeks.

“I don’t think all this pressure is good for Nico, but in the end it’s you in the press who create all these things.“, said the man from Barañain, who thus censured the situation that Nico is having to face on a daily basis, who in the midst of concentration with Spain in the Eurocup has had to answer an incessant avalanche of questions related to his future. Not only that. This very Monday, just 24 hours before the red-and-white played with Spain in theEuro semi-final against France in Munich, appeared on the scene John Laporta


The president of Barcelona, ​​in the midst of the Continuous rumours of a possible transfer of the Athletic winger to Barça This summer, he went on the stage on ‘Catalunya Ràdio’ to say that “at the moment we can afford to make a signing like Nico Williams. I think we can afford a signing like the Athletic player. It is one of the possibilities we are working on with Flick.The Barça boss also said that he is a player that “I like a lot” and revealed that “in a short time we will be able to announce good news on the financial side and we will return to financial fair play and that helps you a lot, especially when going to the market and making some operations that are necessary to strengthen the team.”

Athletic’s second training sessionPancra Nieto


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