Biniam Girmay’s presence in this Tour is that of a top cyclist

Biniam Girmay’s presence in this Tour is that of a top cyclist
Biniam Girmay’s presence in this Tour is that of a top cyclist

For Vingegaard the Tour is the goal, not to entertain the audience

Pogacar, Vingegaard, Evenepoel,… whoever it is, cycling, The Tour is in luck.

We have already written this post, this post is a revival of other past ones, some incredible lines because they come to justify, you have to screw a two-time Tour de France champion.

In any case, we have known the context for three months, since the moment he went off the right-hand curve in Itzulia and had a really bad breakdown.

Vingegaard has been racing against time since the first week of April and the difficulty of a race, the Tour, which knows perfectly well what it costs to win.

From there comes everything else.

It’s true, if we put Vingegaard and Pogacar on the scales, I know perfectly well who I’d choose, the flashy one, the one with the fireworks and the ProCycling track record.

But Vingegaard is not Pogacar, he cannot be, because Pogacar is the exception, to such a degree that there is no cyclist in history that I have seen who can measure up to him, and I have been watching cycling for years.

Vingegaard has spent the first week holding his puncheswith a strength and solidity that drives the fans and Pogacar himself crazy, pending to see what happens in the next two weeks of the Tour.

He took the blow at San Luca, minimized the damage on the Galibier and in the time trial, and took all the blows, with a teammate’s bike – they didn’t even give him time to change machines – on the sterrato in Troyes.

Anyone who believes that Vingegaard should have given Pogacar a pass on the road to Troyes has little or no understanding of cycling.Does it kill the show? Yes, without a doubt, but the Danish man reserves the show for later, if the form allows it.

Jonas Vingegaard has come to win his third Tour, not to please the fans’ desire for spectacle. If he is able to turn the situation around in the final stretch of the race, it will have been worth it to him to take so many blows.

A week and a bit has passed, the first block, and Vingegaard is fifteen minutes ahead of Pogacar, it is not a small difference, but it is within the reasonable range to be able to catch up and feed those who cite Armstrong and others to explain their performance.

I don’t care who wins the Tour, but don’t forget, a lot of the spectacle we see or don’t see is down to Jonas Vingegaard.

Image: ASO/Charly Lopez

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