Tommy Paul: results, summary and best hits

Tommy Paul: results, summary and best hits
Tommy Paul: results, summary and best hits

Carlos Alcaraz He is only 21 years old, but he already moves on a tennis court with more arguments than the impudence that his insulting youth and talent give himThe volcanic tennis player capable of knocking down his rivals by crushing them with his devastating right, but who sometimes despaired when they offered him resistance, is mutating into a tennis player more mature and completeWithout losing that essence that makes him unique and that has made him the public’s favorite, he is adding a touch of experience to know how to read the matches and face adversity. In the Wimbledon quarterfinals he had an opponent who is capable of withstanding his attacks: Tommy Paul. He had managed to beat him twice out of four matches. However, it had always been on hard courts and in best-of-three-set matches…

A clay court match

This was the first time that the match went to five sets and on grass, although during the 3 hours and 11 minutes that the duel lasted (5-7, 6-4, 6-2 and 6-2 for the Murcian) it was hardly noticeable. Paul accepted a face-to-face clash, with many exchanges, without services being such a determining element: Carlos finished with seven aces and Paul with only two. Almost everything remained to be played: long points, a lot of effort to fight for each ball from one side of the court to the other. It was grass because of the green (although the Wimbledon courts are already showing, at this point, the usual bald spots), but not because of the way of playing, even if tennis tends to look alike on all surfaces. After an exchange of breaks at the beginning, the best example of what was happening was the sixth game of the first set, which lasted 20 eternal minutes and in which Carlos had to do an exercise in survival to get through it. There were no comfortable service games, everything was very tight and the one who was most successful was Paul, to break again when Alcaraz was fighting to force the tiebreak.

Not a single reproach

That first set lasted an hour and ten minutes. A real beating. The second set also started with a break from Tommy Paul, to go 2-0 up. But Alcaraz remained positive, raising his fist, looking at his box, and He barely made a face and did not blame himself too much for the score. or that, for example, he wasn’t hitting many first serves. The good thing for him was that he was able to recover the disadvantage quickly. In general, he was very stable throughout the afternoon, while his opponent had more ups and downs. Paul, at times, seemed to have no cracks and could reach everything and switch from defense to attack without problem, but in the next game he hit two balls into the net that seemed comfortable and got into trouble. Carlos minimized that roller coaster feeling. He finished the match with 37 unforced errors, compared to his opponent’s 51.With that perseverance, the pupil of Juan Carlos Ferrero He was taking the lead in each set, which his rival was cutting at times, but only to pull away again the next moment.

The time to shine was about to come and in the fourth set some of the best points of the day were seen, such as a one-handed backhand passing shot by Paul, giving a wrist shot almost from the fence, or the volleys, the lob or the winning forehands by the Spaniard, who managed to close out the match with some ease.

In the semi-finals there will not be the confrontation that everyone expected, the new classic, another Alcaraz-Sinner, because The world number one (who will remain so after Wimbledon) was unable to beat Daniil Medvedev (6-7) [7/9]6-4, 7-6 [7/4]2-6 y 6-3). The match from last year will therefore be repeated, in the same round. “And I hope the result is repeated,” said Alcaraz, who in 2023 showed off, displaying much more resources than the Russian, whom he ended up dizzying. “But he has beaten the best player of the moment, which shows that he is in great form,” continued Carlos. Medvedev, when he is having a good day, is a wall with few cracks, another challenge for the young and mature Carlos.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Tommy Paul: result, summary and best shots, Wimbledon 2024

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