Allianz Arena, the crater of 16 million colours

Allianz Arena, the crater of 16 million colours
Allianz Arena, the crater of 16 million colours

Unlike a good number of the stadiums that the team has visited, Selection during the Eurocup (Düsseldorf, Colonia, Stuttgart), where you could smell the history under the grass, the Allianz Arena It is a modern 21st century construction ten kilometers away from its old house, the Olympic Stadium of Munichson of the Games from 1972, which was the venue, in addition to the Olympic event, of the famous final of the world of 1974 that the Germany of Beckenbauer won the Netherlands of Cruyff. Spain played on the old field in the Eurocup from 1988. Against the host country. 2-0…, the thorn has been removed.

But let’s go to the Allianz Arenaa project by the prestigious architectural studio Herzog & De Meuronwith a cost of 340 million euros, which was based on three ideas. The first, which makes the stadium recognizable since its construction, is its exterior. Allianz It is an illuminated body that can change colour. The architects also designed the stadium in an open environment that allows fans to enjoy the weekly procession of fans flocking to a stadium whose interior was designed by the architects in the shape of a crater.

After its construction as a city project was approved in a referendum by 65.8% of the inhabitants, the first stone of the Allianz was laid on October 25, 2002. Paradoxically, the Bayern did not inaugurate the Allianz Arena. That itch can always be attributed to the other team in the city. Munich 1860 won 3-2 against Nuremberg on May 30, 2005. The reason is that, until April 27, 2006, Bayern and Munich 1860 shared ownership. The latter’s financial problems forced him to sell his share of the stadium. He played for a while on rent, but ended up leaving and going to the Grünwald Stadium.

But if the Allianz It has become an icon of the city of Munichand is visited by four million people a year, is for its façade. The club even employed Austrian mountaineers to put up the lights LED at heights above 25 metres. Since 2014, the Allianz The stadium has a new lighting system. An area of ​​26,000 square metres is illuminated. Instead of the three colours (red, blue and white) produced by the old mechanism with which the stadium was first built, the new lighting system generates up to 16 million different colours. One of the great controversies in the history of the stadium Allianz Arena It had to do with those colors and was generated in the Eurocup of 2021, when the mayor of Munich, Dieter Rieterasked UEFA for permission to illuminate the Allianz with the rainbow colours of the collective LGBTI before the Germany-Hungaryin an obvious message against the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The UEFA banned it because it declared itself to be a “politically and religiously neutral organization,” which outraged Reiter.

Venue for the opening match of the world 2006 (Germany-Costa Rica) and the final of the Champions of 2012 (BayernChelseawith English triumph), the Allianz Arena has seen three Spanish teams qualify for a Champions League final: Atlético, Barcelona y Real MadridThe most resounding victory was that 0-4 with two doubles by Ramos y Cristiano. Next year, Munich will host the Champions League final. Some die-hard Real Madrid fans have already boarded a plane with the 16th title in mind… But first, Spain must make history.

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