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Thiago does not see it clearly

Thiago does not see it clearly
Thiago does not see it clearly

Thiago Alcantara announced his retirement as a professional football player on Monday. Although he wanted to continue as an active footballer, the physical problems he has been suffering from lately have caused him to hang up your boots earlyOne of the options that has been presented to him in recent hours is to join Barcelona’s technical staff.

The former Barça player, He is a close friend of Hansi Flick with whom he coincided at Bayern a few years ago. The new coach would like to have him by his side in this new stage that begins with the Blaugrana team, but the situation is complex and it will not be easy. Thiago wants to take a period of reflection to know what to do in the future. He values ​​Flick’s proposal very positively, but he is not sure whether he will accept it.

Thiago Alcántara announces his retirement

The former player is indeed willing to collaborate with him at some point, but not to enter fully into the Barcelona staff. When the transfer was announced Flick’s signing by Barcelona There was already talk of the possibility of Thiago coming with him. However, at that time he was still thinking of staying active for a few more years. This happened a month ago.

Now, with his withdrawal, the issue has been reopened. Flick had a conversation with Thiago where he was offered the possibility of joining as a link between him and the squad, the former footballer is fluent in German and Spanish, but the eldest of the Alcantaras wants to think about it. At the moment, it does not seem that he will join, except for some occasional collaboration.

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