Why is Cucurella booed in Spain?

Why is Cucurella booed in Spain?
Why is Cucurella booed in Spain?

Munich, Germany) -. The Allianz Arena was the setting for a high-profile semi-final between Spain and France. And so you’d expect to see an atmosphere to match. Colours in the stands, chants, not a single empty spot in the 75,000-seat stadium in Bavaria. But the reality was quite different. The great duel between two of the best teams in the world left a bittersweet impression. Empty seats, Spanish and French fans barely filling their seats and many German shirts.

In the centre of the German city and in the vicinity of the stadium, you could find out some of the reasons that gave evidence of the strange image seen in the Allianz Arena. “I’m selling my ticket because I thought we were going to play the semi-final,” confesses a German in Marianeplatz, while trying to sell one of the three tickets he had. “I’m selling it for the minimum,” he reinforced. Of course, the defeat against Spain in Stuttgart put a damper on the celebrations of the most forward-thinking. Many Germans knew the way forward but stumbled.

That is why some Spaniards who had gone to Munich to seek their fortune found it without much effort, very different from the quarter-finals which were an odyssey. After all, the Germans, as hosts, were expecting to see their team. And those who haven’t sold their tickets have decided not to go, or have simply turned up at the Allianz Arena wearing a Germany shirt.. Between Zidanes, Mbappes, Lamines and Iniestas, there are Musiala, Florian Wirtz and Kroos.

Cucurella, the enemy of the Allianz Arena

The German crowd was noticeable right from the start of the semi-finals, not through chants, but through whistles. Those received by a Spaniard, Marc Cucurella. This animosity was even felt before the match began, when the loudspeakers announced the names of the national team players. When the Catalan’s name was mentioned, many people exploded. The whistles towards the Chelsea player were thunderous and spread throughout the stadium.

The reason for these whistles is to be found in the quarter-final match between Spain and Germany. The Germans still remembered the play in which they claimed Cucurella’s handball. “It’s not just about the handball and the criteria of whether it’s a handball. It’s because he was on the ground the whole time, he didn’t play fair,” admits a German fan who we caught whistling near the press gallery.

The play in question occurred after a shot from Jamal Musiala that crashed off the outstretched limb of the Chelsea player. A play that was much protested by the Germans, but insufficient for both the referee and the VAR. Anthony Taylor considered that the hand was in a natural position and that the Spaniard was withdrawing it at the moment of impactThere was also talk of a possible offside in the previous play, although the execution did not prove whether it had occurred. The referee did not call a penalty, the match continued and ended with Luis de la Fuente’s team in the semi-final.

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