A French legend ‘uses’ the best Barça or the great Spain to leave a hint to Real Madrid

A French legend ‘uses’ the best Barça or the great Spain to leave a hint to Real Madrid
A French legend ‘uses’ the best Barça or the great Spain to leave a hint to Real Madrid

In the world of football, as in sport in general, without a doubt, what ends up being decisive is the result. Obtaining positive records allows you to earn points and advance to the next round, among other achievements. However, there is something that often generates debate, and that is how that good result is achieved. The debate is mainly divided into two large sectors: those who believe in victory at all costs and those who defend the triumph achieved in a certain way.which offers a spectacle to the public and is faithful to the principles of the game.

Recently, Christophe Dugarry, a former footballer who played for clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux, and of course, for the French national team, where he earned no less than 55 caps, expressed his point of view on this debate through an appearance on ‘RMC Sport’. He began by saying: “In my opinion, results-driven football is a cancer. There are two visions of football. Those for whom the result is more important than everything else and those who defend a vision of football that is one of pleasure and the ‘beautiful game’.

Christophe Dugarry’s arguments to defend the ‘beautiful game’

‘Duga’ explained why he feels more attracted to this type of ‘enjoyable’ game. “It’s all a question of pleasure and emotions, but pleasure and emotions are different for each person. For me, the excitement and pleasure I get from football is watching the game, the initiatives, the pace… it’s the intensity and the technique that come into play. “I defend what excites me and what I enjoy,” he said.

The former striker also offered a series of arguments in defence of this style of play. “My whole life and even my career, at times, has been to the detriment of efficiency, I have liked to enjoy and I have liked the beautiful things. When I go to see a football match, I don’t go to see a match to be happy because my team is winning 1-0. I go there telling myself that I want to enjoy myself, that I want to have fun. “It turns out that if the team I support most also wins, my hair stands on end,” he said.

A dig at Madrid? The Frenchman asked to ‘move on’ from the ‘win at all costs’ and not give up on the show

Finally, Dugarry explained why, regardless of the result, it is worth having a style of play that ‘seduces’ the public and supports the achievements obtained. He gave examples of several teams, including FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. “I’m just saying that for me football is a spectacle and it must remain a spectacle. Unfortunately, football is becoming less and less of a spectacle and only the result is considered and that is becoming a cancer for football. The beautiful thing is the match that made us dream when we were young, beautiful gestures, technical gestures… it’s the Brazilian team, it’s the best team in Spain, it’s the Italians at their time, it’s Barça… This is what made me dream. “It’s watching crazy matches, with rhythm, with intensity, with technical quality, that’s wonderful! And that’s football!” he concluded.

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