“My future? I just lost a semi-final, but you know what the president thinks”

“My future? I just lost a semi-final, but you know what the president thinks”
“My future? I just lost a semi-final, but you know what the president thinks”

Didier Deschamps admits that Spain He was better, but he insisted that France did not arrive at the Euro in the best condition. He mentioned the injuries and praised Luis de la Fuente’s team. He insisted again that they lacked freshness and was distant when asked about their future.

The slump of Mbappé and Griezmann: “For various reasons, the end of the season, then the broken nose… Even though we reached the semi-finals against a Spanish team of great quality. I’m not going to look for excuses. We didn’t start the preparation with Tchouaméni, Upamecano was very fair… Even though we started scoring, this Spanish team has many qualities in play. They have shown that they are a great team. We lacked verticality but I can’t blame my players for anything even though many of them weren’t 100% for various reasons.”

Spain 2-1 France: Highlights and goals | Euro Cup (Semi-finals)

Lack of punch: “I had seen it, but we reached the semi-finals. Everyone will make their own analysis, but it is clear that we did not have 100% of our potential.”

Her future: “Ask the president, I just lost a semi-final. I’m not going to answer, but you know very well what the president thinks.”

The balance of the Euro: “We faced a very good Spanish team, which confirmed everything it had done before. There were things we could have done better against an opponent who had a lot of control, especially when it came to directing the ball to the wings, but we didn’t have enough verticality. We fought until the end, with our limitations too, for different reasons. We had to deal with many players in difficult situations. We are sixth in the league, and perhaps also a little less energetic. We had that last chance…”

“The style of play? “They’re not a defensive team, they’re a team that defended very well. We didn’t have all the offensive weapons either, so we had to adapt for different reasons. We didn’t have our usual spark. We had to adapt to be competitive, although within certain limits.”

Mbappé’s decision to play without a mask: “Wearing the mask caused him problems, he felt better without it. We lacked definition but we found that goal with Kolo but we lacked the effectiveness we had before. Luckily I had a team that defended very well.”

Lamine’s goal, if it could have been defended better: “His shot is magnificent and we shouldn’t take away his merits, but yes, we were a bit far away and they have people who hit it very well from outside. But the shot is perfect.”

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