“I wasn’t well and we’re going home. Now I need to rest and start a new life.”

“I wasn’t well and we’re going home. Now I need to rest and start a new life.”
“I wasn’t well and we’re going home. Now I need to rest and start a new life.”

Kylian Mbappé He made no excuses for Spain’s victory or for his Eurocup. The Real Madrid striker has admitted in the mixed zone that he has not given what was expected of him and that he is disappointed because he dreamed of winning the Eurocup.

Spain’s superiority and the decision to play without a mask: “They played better than us. A big difference? We have to re-analyze the game. We conceded two early goals and in the second half we had chances to come back, but we didn’t. Playing without the mask? I asked the doctor if I could do that and he said I could do whatever I wanted.”

Summary Spain 2-1 France

Critical of France’s role:“We failed in this competition. I wanted to be European champions and we’re not. That’s football. We have to move on. It’s been a long year and I’m going on holiday to rest, which will do me a lot of good.” Any physical or psychological problems? No, that was all. Football can’t be made too complicated. You’re either fine or you’re not fine. I wasn’t fine and we’re going home, it’s that simple. I need to rest. After that, I’m leaving to start a new life.”

His missed chance: “I was able to score or at least shoot between the posts. It goes up and that’s the harsh reality of football. The mask? I was fed up with it, I couldn’t see well with it on. I spoke to the doctor to see and he told me to make the decision like a man and I don’t regret it.”

Critical of the Euro: “I don’t know if we lacked much, but we lacked enough to not reach the final. They played better than us, so they deserved to reach the final. He (Didier Deschamps, after the match) said that we shouldn’t give up, that we had to keep going, that football wasn’t a long calm river and that these are the ups and downs of football: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. My ambition was to be European champion, my ambition was to have a good Euro, but I didn’t do either of those things. It’s a disappointment, but you have to go on holiday. I’m going to have a good rest, and I think I need it to come back fresh when we resume and prepare thoroughly.”

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