He got tired of being asked for photos

He got tired of being asked for photos
He got tired of being asked for photos

The father of soccer player Luis Díaz became a trending topic on social media recently due to a video that is circulating and that was allegedly recorded during the match between the ‘tricolor’ and the Panamanian national team.

According to reports, Luis Manuel Díaz attended the stadium, as usual, to see his son wear the shirt and accompany him to the 2024 Copa América in the United States.

The charisma of ‘Mane’ has made him stand out from the stands, to the point that the cameras seek him out to see his reactions to the goals of ‘Lucho’ and the other footballers of the Colombian National Team.

The man is also a publicity figure for different companies that support national football; his popularity means that he no longer goes unnoticed in the places he visits and many people want to take a photo with him.

On Instagram, ‘Mane’ has more than 144 thousand followers and there are photos and videos of him with singer Ryan Castro, Pep Guardiola, Erling Haaland and, of course, with his family.

The viral video of ‘Mane’ Diaz

However, a recent incident is causing controversy on social media, as it shows Luis Díaz’s father getting angry with a person who asked him for a photo.

According to images uploaded to platforms such as TikTok or X, Luis Manuel was watching the game that took place at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona, between Colombia and Panama that ended 5 – 0, in favor of the ‘tricolor’, when a man approached him to ask for a ‘selfie’.

Díaz did not hide his anger at the situation and told the fan that he wanted to watch the match without distraction. In the end, he agreed to take the photo, but with a disgusted expression.

The incident was recorded by another individual who was near the scene, who posted it on social media and generated reactions such as: “That’s what happens when they give importance to people who don’t have it”, “They don’t let the poor old man watch the game in peace”, “Fame is boring, but it’s also understandable that people get tired of it”, “If you don’t want to be bothered, you should go to a more exclusive part”, “After the game, have fun with him”.

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