GUDELJ DRAGI CORDOBA HEART | Dragisa Gudelj, football agent

GUDELJ DRAGI CORDOBA HEART | Dragisa Gudelj, football agent
GUDELJ DRAGI CORDOBA HEART | Dragisa Gudelj, football agent

Córdoba CF continues to form its squad for the return to Second Division A in the 2024-25 season after achieving a riselast June 23 in The Archangelwhich will already be part of the history of the white and green entity. A rise that began with a protagonist in the white and green dressing room, where he was one of the captains, who had to witness the Cordoba epic on the pitch of the riverside coliseum from the box of the municipal stadium. Despite this, Dragisa Gudelj He was as much a protagonist of the same as the rest of his teammates, since in the first 15 days of the regular League he was not only vital for Ivan Aniabut he became the most used player by the Asturian coach up to that point.


In Melilla, last match

But on December 3, 2023, at the Álvarez Claro stadium in Melilla, everything changed.. It was minute 27.30 when the ball reached Adrián Lapeña, who intended to pass it to his teammate, Dragisa Gudelj. The Riojan realized that the Serbian was having trouble keeping his balance. Just two seconds later, Gudelj He fell to the ground, but immediately tried to get back on his feet. The Córdoba CF player did not seem to lose consciousness at all, and at that very moment, Melilla striker José Enrique could be seen asking the referee to stop the game. Ruipérez Marínreferee from the Castilla-La Mancha Committee, gave the order for the assistants to enter the battered pitch of the Melilla field. The doctor and the assistants from Córdoba CF ran towards Gudelj, while a stretcher was also introduced onto the field, from one of the corners. However, it was not necessary. Dragisa Gudeljat one point even smiling, left the field on his own two feet, accompanied by medical assistance and some teammates.

Dragisa Gudelj and Dr. Bretones, head of medical services at Córdoba CF.

Inevitably, that incident moved everyone’s memory to the March 25thwhen Dragisa Gudelj suffered an episode of sudden death in El Arcángel, during the match against Racing de Ferrol. After being admitted and following various medical tests, the player was fitted with a DAI (independent automatic defibrillator), a device with which he started last season, just like other footballers such as Eriksen or Daley Blind, current Girona player. In addition to the DAI, the player had to take specific medication which he also had to take before each match.

In an interview with CÓRDOBA, Dragisa Gudelj confessed that “that week I spoke a lot with Dr. Segura and Dr. Bretones. About life, about the decision that had to be made. They saw it differently. Since they are doctors, they saw it in a slightly different way than I did, and I, being young, am a bit more… You don’t see danger in the same way as an older man. Talking and talking, when I went to talk to Dr. Segura, when he told me the first time that the best solution was to get the defibrillator and that’s what he recommended, although it was my decision. Because what happened was serious, it wasn’t something minor. You have to value life. Obviously, football is very important to me. I grew up with football at home, since I was a baby. But when something like that happens to you, I think you realise the real value of life. It’s your family, your health and all that. Everything that comes after that is extra, because the most important thing is family and health. That’s when we decided on the defibrillator. Then you get home and your head starts working, thinking, watching the images and you get more in tune with what you did the first week. Because in those days you still have the adrenaline of everything, but then, once you’re home, that’s when you get the feeling: ‘Okay, Dragi, you were dead on the pitch, there’s no other way to say it. ‘ I want to explain it in the nicest way possible, but in reality that’s how it is. In the end, reality hits you and above all it’s the fear you see in your family because of your decision, to want to play, to keep playing. The fear of my brother, my parents, my sister, my girlfriend… That’s when you analyse how important it is. While I was out, unconscious, I was like that, but your family has suffered much more, because they were there.

Permanent withdrawal and agency of footballers

On June 28, the CEO of Córdoba CF, Antonio Fernández Monterrubio, addressed the situation of Dragisa Gudelj. “We have not spoken to him again. The important thing is that he is fine, we have seen him much happier. He wanted to come to the games, of course to the celebrations. We are delighted that he is with us and to see him so happy,” commented the Córdoba CF manager, who expanded on the information: “He is on sick leave, probably in the process of being transferred to a new club. of permanent work incapacity, which can be waived whenever it deems appropriate..

Dragisa Gudelj and Antonio Fernández Monterrubio, at El Arcángel, prior to the final against Barcelona Atlétic.

According to this newspaper, this process is not only continuing, but The Serbian is not going to give up on it, as he sees his future linked to football, although in this case as a player representative.Dragisa Gudelj intends to train and take advantage in some way of the relationships he has with many players, despite his youth, as well as the experience in elite sport that goes beyond the personal and reaches the family, a core in which sport has always been instilled, specifically, high-level sport. The now ex-player of Córdoba CF will now face a new stage in which he is connected to elite sport and, specifically, football, but in this case representing footballers, as he has communicated to those closest to him.

Dragisa Gudelj, on the Córdoba CF bus, during the promotion celebration.

“It has changed me a lot as a person for the better,” Gudelj said on these pages about the incident on March 25, 2023. “In every aspect. I don’t want to say that I have improved, because I don’t like to say that about myself, but I think I have learned a lot in every aspect of life: personally, family-wise, psychologically, in everything, I have learned in everything. That has pushed me to be a better person and I want to continue on that path. I want to show people that knowing that despite being dead on the field for three and a half minutes and spending months without knowing if you will be able to play football, is an experience that makes you stronger and, if you go through all this and come out ahead, you realize that there is nothing in life that can stop you,” he concluded. Dragisa Gudelj is now embarking on a new stage, although football will continue to be the central axis of his life.

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