Santiago Ponzinibbio, the man who fought for his life to stay in the UFC

Santiago Ponzinibbio, the man who fought for his life to stay in the UFC
Santiago Ponzinibbio, the man who fought for his life to stay in the UFC

Santiago Ponzinibbio lands in the year 2018 dressed as an executioner. He is one of the fighters more dangerous inside of welterweight division and is just one win away from a shot at the UFC world title. That’s when the company sees the Argentine’s potential and a special event is planned in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the most important protagonist of the night. His rival, Neil Magnyseeks to spoil the party at Luna Park and prevent the fighter from La Plata from having his sweet night. However, the Union in between the albiceleste fans and the fighter It’s too strong. Magny falls into the fourth round by knockout and the 10,000 people who fill the stadium are in an uproar. A euphoric Ponzinibbio jumps over the octagon fence, looks towards the nearest camera, and shouts: “I am the next UFC world champion“The road to glory is just around the corner.

This is when the Argentine fighter’s life takes on a roller coaster feel. In just two months, He goes from being the next challenger for the 170-pound belt to having to fight for his lifebedridden in a hospital. In January 2019, Ponzinibbio’s left knee began to swell for no apparent reason, from one day to the next. After the relevant tests and a week in hospital, the doctors decided that Recovery must be at homeand they give the fighter five weeks of rest, without any apparent major concern. The doctors prescribed the fighter a cocktail of antibiotics, which he complied with at the medical centre. It was then that, just days before the end of the treatment, the Argentinean sank into a deep and serious fever.

The combined of antibiotics appointed to kill the apparent infection that the fighter suffers in the knee just annihilating all the white blood cells in your body. His immune system is now practically non-existent. The medical team treating the Argentine restores in ten days much of the defensive compound that the medication had exterminated between tension and uncertainty about his state of health. The danger was realand a timely call to the doctor saved a greater tragedy.

The knee is the least of the worries in the week and a half that Santiago Ponzinibbio He spends his time in the hospital, fighting to survive. After ten days in the hospital, the fighter returns to the hospital UFC Performance Institute to try to reduce the swelling of a limb that is fundamental for deployment within the octagon. Anti-inflammatories and constant training They are the recipe stipulated by the Argentine training team for six weeks to reduce the pain, but nothing worksThe outlook is now serious, and the dream is slowly fading away.

Santiago Ponzinibbio has been dealing with an apparent infection in his knee bone since January 2019. The reason for the swelling, the deep fevers and all the medications consumed so far was a bacteria that was directly attacking the bone structure of his limb. The doctors are clear with the diagnosis. The Argentine may may not be able to return to the octagon and have to end his career. A contrast that is difficult to digest. From having everything, and gold just around the corner, to having to close the book with the chapter half-written, with glory and triumph just a few meters away in the long-distance race that he had undertaken since his debut in the discipline to get to that point.

The year 2020 arrives and the doctors redirect the final diagnosis: they are the fighter’s ligaments those who suffer from the infection, which prevents the movement of the joint completely. Ponzinibbio’s mission, who has suffered the final blow after a year of struggle, is now rebuild leg muscle mass to find the light that he could not find in the journey through the desert that was all year 2019, between hospitals, MRIs and medications.

Clarity comes to the life of the Argentine fighter and The month of May awaits a new opportunity definitive to return to the octagon and be able to prove to the doctors that the dream is bigger than the most pessimistic diagnosis, but COVID disrupts Ponzinibbio’s plans. With the arrival of the disease, a fracture in the toe also lands in his life in the middle of sparring with Dustin Poirierthe fighter’s teammate and top lightweight contender. His return date is moved to month of Augustbut the symptoms of the new and dangerous virus lurk in his life, from one day to the next. A test confirms the worst of the diagnoses: Santiago Ponzinibbio is sick with coronavirusand a recovery begins that lasts up to a month.

The Argentine pearl returns to the octagons in it year 2021but he does not do it on the right foot. He falls before Jingliang Liand a period of ups and downs begins within the company. Two wins in five appearances in the UFC they set a record with which they once again place themselves with the epic of chase a dream who could overcome the doctors, the illness, the pain and the bad prognosis. The fighter is back, and wants to defeat Muslim Salikhov this Saturday at the Apex to show that there is still a lot of action, that the tireless fight for a dream can overcome the setbacks of the world and all the scenarios that life presents. Santiago Ponzinibbio, the living example to dedicate and sacrifice your life to fight to reach the top in mixed martial arts.

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