Daphne Cañizares, Dani Carvajal’s greatest support in his most difficult moment at Euro 2024

Daphne Cañizares, Dani Carvajal’s greatest support in his most difficult moment at Euro 2024
Daphne Cañizares, Dani Carvajal’s greatest support in his most difficult moment at Euro 2024

Dani Carvajal (32 years old) is not only one of Real Madrid’s great heroes, but also an indispensable player in the Spanish national team. The defender, who was born in Leganés, fits perfectly into any dressing room. Among his teammates, he is the one who usually makes jokes and cheers in the worst moments. He has to do it from the sidelines since, due to suspension, he cannot be called up. Difficult times are coming for the defender. At his side, there is Daphne Cañizares.

She was born in Mallorca, but her features show evidence of her Dutch ancestry. Dani Carvajal’s wife is a real beauty. reference in the world of fashion and as influencerShe worked with designers such as Alejandro de Miguel, while combining her work as a flight attendant. Today, she also works as a successful businesswoman with the company Blue Weddings, specialising in wedding and event planning. She is a jack of all trades.

This is how love arose between Daphne Cañizares and Dani Carvajal

Daphne shares the spotlight with her twin, Melanie, wife of footballer Joselu. In fact, the influencer and Dani Carvajal met thanks to the friendship that these two football players share. After the striker began his relationship with his twin, they were introduced and the rest is history. “Dani played with my brother-in-law at Castilla, Madrid’s second team. My brother-in-law is Josele and he now plays for Alavés. They always kept in touch. Dani even went to visit my nephew when he was born. We saw each other, we greeted each other… Until the conversation arose“, Dafne Cañizares told ‘Hola!’.


After four years of dating, The couple said ‘I do’ at the Los Claustros conventa country house in Ayllón, Segovia. The wedding was attended by many footballers and other celebrities. Marcos Llorente, Jessica Bueno, Jota Peleteiro, Lucas Vázquez, Nacho, Thibaut Courtois, Mishel Gerzig and Marta Castro were some of the famous faces who attended the wedding. The couple has two childrenThe first of them, Martín, was born in 2020. Mauro came into the world in 2023.

Daphne and Dani live in a spectacular chalet in the Madrid town of Boadilla del Monte. It is an idyllic place for their daily life, but unfortunately, They had a little scare two years agoThe house was burglarized in September 2022 by Albanian thieves who tried to force their way in. The robbery was foiled when the alarms went off. Shortly afterwards, the alleged perpetrators were arrested by the police.

The select club of Daphne Cañizares’ friends

In addition to her twin sister, who is her best friend, Daphne Cañizares has a select group of close associates in the white club. “We are all super friends, but the ones I have the closest relationship with are Mina Bonino (Federico Valverde’s partner) and Sandra Garal (Marco Asensio). I am also very good friends with Mishel Gerzig (Courtois), who is a neighbor; with Shalimar (David Alaba); María Cortés (Nacho Fernández); Macarena Rodríguez (Lucas Vázquez)… With Luana (Rodrygo) and Karol (Militão). We all have a very good relationship,” said the businesswoman. Outside of her husband’s world, she has a close relationship with Kiko Matamoros’ daughter, Laura.

Melanie and Daphne Cañizares, much more than twins

Melanie and Daphne Cañizares are twins. They share Dutch ancestry and a passion for fashion. Her first photo shoot was for El Corte Inglés They were still two children. Both are still linked to the industry, especially Daphne who has more than 266,000 followers on Instagram. They have a good relationship, one that became even closer thanks to Joselu and Dani, their husbands. They are both friends. They shared a dressing room and aspirations at Castilla, the Real Madrid reserve team.

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