Di María confirmed his retirement from the national team and was emotional: “Leo said that they wanted to reach the final for me”

Ángel Di María confirmed that next Sunday’s final for the 2024 Copa América will be his last official match with the Argentine national team jerseywas moved to tears when talking about Lionel Messi’s speech before the semi-final with Canada and hinted that, whatever happens in Miami, he will leave through the front door. At the same time, In Rosario, expectations grow among Central fans because this week there could be news about his return to Arroyito.

“I’m not ready for my last game with the national team, but it’s time. I dreamed of it this way and it ended up happening, reaching another final. My colleagues already know that there is no turning back, that it is already decided.“They support the decision I made,” Fideo responded after Lionel Scaloni’s team’s victory over the Canadians on Tuesday in New Jersey, when he was asked if there was any chance of changing his decision regarding his retirement from the national team.

With that forceful statement, he cleared up any doubts and reconfirmed what he had announced some time ago: Di María only has one game left in the Albiceleste shirt, although he feels “current” and demonstrated it on the court in the semifinals with a great performance.

I think I can leave through the front door. “I’ve done everything to leave through that door. I gave everything to leave through that door. I just work, I do the job I have to do. I always try to do the best I can. I always gave my life for this shirt. There were times when it didn’t happen to me. This time it started to happen to me lately,” said the former Central, Real Madrid, PSG and Benfica player, among other teams.

In the midst of a night of strong emotions, Angelito broke down when talking about the speech given by captain Messi before going out onto the field: “I am grateful to everyone who always supported me, to my family and to this group that gave me everything. Today before going out on the field, Leo (Messi) said that they wanted to reach the final for me and that filled me with pride.“Having the opportunity to achieve everything I have achieved in recent times with all of them is a source of pride for me.”

“I feel I am fit enough to continue, but I think it is the right time. That’s it. I gave everything I had to give. There is only one game left, I gave up my life for this shirt and I think it’s the perfect time to say goodbye“It’s decided. There’s no turning back,” concluded the world and continental champion.

The scoundrel illusion

On Sunday Di María will have his “last dance” with the Argentine national team shirt but he will continue playing football and at that point Rosario Central appears as one of his possible destinationsa novel that will have to be resolved in the weeks remaining until July. Angelito no longer has a contract with Benfica and received an offer from Turkish footballbut there were positive signs that allow us to think about his return to Arroyito.

Even in the rogue corridors the expectation grows because this week, more precisely on Friday the 12ththe deadline for present the list of players available to play the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericanawhere Central will play against Inter de Porto Alegre, on Tuesdays 16 and 23 July.

Angelito in the blue and gold shirt: a photo that will be repeated?

In the regulations of the 2024 Copa Sudamericana, the presentation of the list of players in good faith for the round of 16 playoffs must be sent before Friday 12th, at 6pm. And then there is time until Monday 15th to finalize the details of the incorporation if necessary in case it is a “provisional” incorporation.

That is to say, if Di María decides to return to Rosario, the club must register him within those deadlines for the series against Eduardo Coudet’s team. That is why the expectations for the club have increased in recent days. Because of the times, It is clear that Fideo would arrive for the rematch and not for the first legwhich will be just 48 hours after the Copa America final. Otherwise, He will only be able to add it for the round of 16 if Russo’s team advances to the next round.

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