UNEXPECTED response from Lamine Yamal; what did he buy with his first PAY? (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

El FC Barcelona and the Selection of Spain are ‘flying’ con Lamine Yamala young man of only 16 years of age that, until now, is breaking in the Euro 2024because not only has it been key, but it has also given us a great goal ante Francein Semi-finals.

After turning back trend in social networksand attracting the world’s attention, a new one comes to light video where Lamine Yamal be honest, and speaks of some themes personalas the unknown of what was bought with his first salary; was luxuries o modesty?

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This is what Yamal spent his first salary on

In conversation with ‘Futbol Emotion’, the Spanish footballer of 16 years responded to several questionswhere one of the most called the attention It was his first payment in it Barcelonabecause although did not reveal the cipher, Yes he said what he did with it money.

“If it is something as a garmentbecause some wobbly or some hoodie so, and if not, well go on a tripwith the friends, guest to the kids. (Where did you travel?) Tenerife o Sevilla… no, Marbella “First came Marbella,” Yamal said.

Similarly Lamine Yamal spoke of the influence of Lionel Messiwhere it considers as a idol and a footballer who has marked him, where they have a good relationship and that inspires him.

He Spanish footballer He also revealed his musical tasteswhere he confessed that he likes the Brazilian y French; your tastes are go out with their friends ‘without messing it up’; their perfect booties would pink, white y dorado; liga much more being soccer playeramong other things.

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Lamine Yamal It is one of the great promises not only of Spainbut to level worldwhich is expected to go step by step, consolidate, and be in the football elite.

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