Javier Milei, the talented goalkeeper from Chacarita who imitated Fillol and won the PASO 2023

JAVIER MILEI perhaps he emerged, at this time, as the most mentioned person in the country. It is not for less: just won the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primary as a candidate for President of the Nation.

Born October 22, 1970the histrionic economist grew without brakes since he appeared in the mainstream around the year 2021, in which October he garnered 17 percent of the votes as a candidate for national deputy for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Two years later, he accumulated no less than seven million wills (30.04%) on his way to the presidency and surprised locals and strangers, since it is a considered character outsider for his recurring liberal and anti-political discourse.

His path in traditional media began in July 2016, during the first year of Mauricio Macri’s term, when Milei appeared as a striking figure on the panel of Animales Sueltos, by América TV, with Alejandro Fantino. “The father of the creature”, Milei himself would say this Monday after winning the STEP.

At that time, die-hard soccer fans wondered if Milei was the same Milei they recognized from his old past as a soccer player. Yes: Milei, the man who is running for the presidency of Argentina, is a soccer fan and was a soccer player.

Javier Milei, the talented goalkeeper who is running for the presidency of the Nation.

The lion, as he calls himself among his libertarian followers, He has a little-known past as a Chacarita goalkeeper. Former student of the Cardenal Copello College, of Villa Devoto, people from the neighborhood and from that old environment tell that, in addition, He wasn’t just any goalie. He was very talented.

“I played for Chacarita until I was 18; I was on the professional team. I was trying to replicate, with many difficulties, the style of (Ubaldo) Fillol, the greatest of all time. Fillol is the greatest of all time, without a doubt “In the Gatti-Fillol discussion there is no discussion. Of the eleven players, only one can touch the ball with his hand: it is a scarce resource. Gatti used his feet: he was inefficient”, Milei argued, true to her style, in a chat with La Red.

The other Milei had space and place many years ago, in the ’80s, when he did not even imagine entering into monetary economy debates or promising, as a rising candidate, to burn down the Central Bank. As part of the policy that he usually dismisses (“I’m going to end the political caste”), He doesn’t seem to save penalties but rather shoots hard as an infallible center forward.

The truth is that, however, Milei was a great goalkeeper from the old 1970 litter of Chacarita Juniors. He threw himself to all sides, he played it in his position under the three sticks, characteristics that earned him the nickname of Loco. Was Milei crazy on the green lawn? Is Milei crazy now?

Javier Milei, the talented goalkeeper who wants to be president.

What does it matter: the libertarian leader shone as the Undertaker’s goalkeeper. Testimonials prove it. “They brought him to be part of the squad between the ages of 13 and 14, it could be at 12. Always on goal, exactly the same as he is in life, he was a goalkeeper. He threw himself, he didn’t care about anything, he was one of those strong, big, half crazy guys, because we called him ‘El Loco’. very good goalkeeper“, recalled Gabriel Bonomi, Milei’s former partner in that 1970 litter of Chacarita, in dialogue with Infobae.

edward greccoan old coach who directed Milei at Funebrero and who is still in the inferior project forty years later, recalled: “I will have directed it for six months. That category was one of the best in the history of the Chacarita Inferior Leagues. The one from 70”. Later he was even part of Uso Takarawa, the Copello alumni team, in 1991.

Milei had conditions but, as usually happens with many players, he did not make his debut in the First Division. Perhaps he got to play a preseason friendly with the first team. The question now is whether he will become the president of the Argentine Republic. The path, apparently, seems paved.

Image Javier Milei, in Uso Takarawa, the alumni team in Copello.

Javier Milei, in Uso Takarawa, the alumni team in Copello.

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