Baltimore or Wilms Template Foundations? Which free card do I choose?

Just like I did with the rewards of the level 5 and of level 10now I want to talk about Baltimore and Wilms Template Foundations. Because upon reaching level 15 of the current EA Sports FC 24 season pass, we could choose one of the two cards. So here I leave you my opinion on which one would be more recommended.

EA Sports FC 24 – Baltimore or Wilms Foundations squad?

Baltimore (France – D1 Arkema – PSG)

Positions: ED, MD and EI. She has three stars for skills and two for bad leg, medium/average work rate, she is 1’56 and is left-handed. Her PlayStyles are Decisive Pass, Thread Pass, Skillful Dribble, and Quick Step. If she will be the starter, I recommend using her with Hunter or Engine.

Wilms (Netherlands – Frauen-Bundesliga – Wolfsburg)

Stats in game Wilms EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Squad Foundations

Stats in game Wilms EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Squad Foundations

Positions: LD and CAD. She has two stars for skills and three for bad leg, high/high work rate, she is 1’76 tall and right-handed. Her PlayStyles are Decisive Pass, Long Pass, Anticipation and Aerial Play. I recommend using it with Sombra if she will be the starter.

As with other recent non-transferable cards (such as Akpom SBC), I think that both have little chance of being useful as starters in the medium/long term. Each of them will suffer certain weaknesses for which, in other Ultimate Team seasons, players like this were not recommended.

In the case of Baltimore, its 84 sprint score can be improved but it is even more worrying due to other aspects. In front of goal we cannot expect great reliability, since neither his finishing (78) nor his shooting power (75) are good. Although above all disappoints because of the stars, because of his three skills and the two bad legs. They are horrible.

While Wilms Template Foundations He is not too fast for the full-back position. After applying Shadow as chemistry, it will only have a 93 acceleration and 92 sprint.

That speed is quite correct right now, we can even use even slower LDs and they don’t usually clash. But I guess as the overall level of EA Sports FC 24 increases, yes it will become a more serious defect. Because most users will probably start using even more competitive extremes, with higher speeds and with the appropriate PlayStyles.

Apart from this year, some footballers have Playing Styles that allow them to be even more dangerous with spaces. And that’s why I sense that, when it becomes more common to face rivals with very powerful squads, someone like Wilms Staff Foundations could suffer quite a bit in certain situations.

For all that has been said, I doubt that any of them will be very interesting as a starter in a short time. And precisely for this reason, I would choose Baltimore because I think it will be even more useful for the role of revulsive.

Wilms could also perform quite well as a backup defensive midfielder, but I think the French player is more special. Inside it will probably be quite limited, but I hope it works very well as a winger.

To be a revulsive band during the second parts, its conditions are quite interesting. Because good acceleration (93), brutal positioning right now (94), luxurious vision (91), pretty solid dribbling statistics and some interesting playing styles.

Baltimore Foundations roster could work great in that role Fast, agile and precise winger when assisting that punishes tired enemy defenses and makes very interesting unmarkings. That is why it is my recommendation for level 15 of this first EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team season pass.

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