New Starfield update 1.8.84 on Xbox Series X|S and PC

New Starfield update 1.8.84 on Xbox Series X|S and PC
New Starfield update 1.8.84 on Xbox Series X|S and PC

The new Starfield update to version 1.8.84 on consoles and PC is now released, fixing a few annoying bugs.

The success of Starfield continues on Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, PC and Steam Deck and Bethesda next to Microsoft they keep improving the game; now with the version 1.8.84 newcomer to the game.

This lands after the promise of its developer that it would have official compatibility for DLSS in update 1.8.83 from the previous week and after that they remain committed to FSR3 in the future.

Therefore, the new beta update in the PC version of Starfield He arrives just on time, like almost every time he does; Let’s take a detailed look.

On this occasion, said Starfield Beta Update 1.8.84 It has solutions everywhere. Most of them are for the new DLSS 3 super resolution and frame generation that Bethesda has added.

So said 1.8.84 lands in the space RPG to solve all these annoying bugs and problems with DLSS. To give an example, one of them was that it left a blurry or ghostly appearance on the characters.

But this is already solved along with an option to enable DLSS frame generationin addition to the fact that the DLSS quality settings will no longer be reset when exiting the options.

The game has this background update before launching

New Starfield Beta Update 1.8.84

Fixes and improvements – Graphics

  • Improved overall DLSS stability.
  • Fixed an issue with DLSS frame generation where a blurring effect could occasionally be seen and the screen could go black.
  • Fixed an issue with DLSS frame generation where blurring or ghosting could occasionally be seen on characters.
  • Fixed an issue where some grain/sharpness could be seen in very dark areas with DLSS enabled.

User Interface (UI)

  • Fixed an issue where the DLSS preset would default from Quality to Performance or vice versa when exiting Display settings.
  • Fixed an issue where DLSS frame generation could not be enabled correctly unless DLSS was enabled.
  • Improved display settings to force V-sync to be disabled when DLSS frame generation is enabled.
  • Improved DLSS localization in screen settings.


  • Fixed an issue where the camera could sometimes move incorrectly during travel, grav-jump, docking, or landing transitions.

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See comparison

As you can see, Bethesda solves with the new version of Starfield a few extra issues with DLSS 3 and now the user experience is even better.

Although it seems that they have also made the game more stable when using this DLSS, so there should no longer be so many crashes or crashes; Steam and Game Pass should download updates automatically.

With the new Bethesda updatenow in Starfield has patched almost a dozen errors related to DLSS 3.

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PC, Xbox Series X


November 11, 2022

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