25 offers on Amazon Black Friday for less than 20 euros | Offers and discounts | Showcase

25 offers on Amazon Black Friday for less than 20 euros | Offers and discounts | Showcase
25 offers on Amazon Black Friday for less than 20 euros | Offers and discounts | Showcase
The Black Friday offers on Amazon leave a good selection of products, like this smart watch, for less than 20 euros. THE COUNTRY SHOWCASE.

Although officially the 2023 edition of Black Friday It will be held on November 24, on Amazon the offers have been active since the 17th, as we detailed live in EL PAÍS Showcase.

The good news is that this Black Friday week is leaving significant discounts in its main sales categories: beauty, home, personal care or fashion. Thus, We have set a budget of 20 euros and we have selected 25 ideas to be better when shopping.

Gadgets audio and video, fashion accessories, hair care or sports products which can be used to get ahead of Christmas gifts or to acquire what we have been looking for for a long time at a much lower price than usual.


Wireless headphones

Listen to your favorite music wherever you want with these wireless Bluetooth headphones. It offers 40 hours of playback, touch screen and USB-C fast charging.

67% discount, save 40 euros.

It is available in different colors.

Smart watch

Answer calls, check messages, as well as your health status quickly and easily with this sports smart watch. It is compatible with Android and iOS and highlights its long-lasting battery.

33% discount, save 10 euros.

Includes more than 24 sports modes.

Led lights

Two rolls of 10 meters each so you can decorate any room in your home. They are easy to install and can be controlled with both the remote control and your mobile phone. In addition, they have the option to react to sound, so you can create a dynamic environment.

49% discount, save 12.78 euros.

Enjoy perfect ambient light.

Mobile tripod

Enjoy 2 in 1 with this tripod that also converts into a selfie stick. It is very light and resistant, ideal to take anywhere. In addition, the head is rotatable and is compatible with most mobile phones.

27% discount, save 6.99 euros.

Headband headphones for sleeping

If you are looking to relax before bed with music, but headphones make you uncomfortable, don’t worry because here is the solution: a headband with integrated headphones. Thus, you can rest in total comfort and enjoy a restful sleep, since they can also be used as a mask.

32% discount, save 7 euros.

It has more than 15,800 reviews on Amazon.


Thermal hair protector

With more than 71,600 reviews on Amazon, this thermal protector from Revlon has become a top-selling beauty item. It offers 10 benefits in 1 and improves hair in a very short time. It can be used either dry or wet and does not need to be rinsed.

69% discount, save 17.71 euros.

Helps detangle hair easily.

Illuminated makeup mirror

Put on your makeup, shave or wax in total detail thanks to this mirror that has magnification, ideal for seeing your facial features perfectly. It incorporates 21 LED lights for greater comfort and a folding and rotating design.

31% discount, save 8 euros.

It rotates 180 degrees.

Jade Facial Roller

This jade roller instantly tones your skin, relieves muscle tension, reduces facial puffiness and leaves your complexion looking fresh. It is recommended to put the stones in the freezer for a more optimal result.

35% discount, save 3.89 euros.

Tone your skin daily.

Weleda eye cream

Reduce bags and dark circles effectively with this eye contour from the Weleda brand. It is ideal for all skin types and can also be applied to the lips as a lip balm, which will provide great hydration.

50% discount, save 16.60 euros.

It is recommended to apply a small amount around the eyes.

makeup brushes

This set of makeup brushes has more than 64,100 reviews on Amazon and is very versatile, as it can be used with both powder and cream cosmetics. The bristles are synthetic and the handles are ergonomic. In addition, it includes a case to store them.

21% discount, save 3.50 euros.

Ideal for gifting.

electric foot file

Forget about hard skin and calluses on your feet because with this electric file you can always have them perfect. It incorporates two speed levels, LED light and charging plug. In addition, it incorporates three interchangeable heads for greater versatility.

41% discount, save 12.15 euros.

It incorporates different heads.

menstrual cup

If you have not given birth vaginally and have a medium flow, this menstrual cup is ideal for you. It is made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone, lasts approximately 10 years and incorporates an extraction stem to make it easier to remove.

38% discount, save 11.34 euros.

Leak proof.


Leather men’s wallet

Carry your coins, bills and cards together and fully protected with this wallet that includes 13 card slots, a coin pocket and two bill slots. It has an elegant design and is made of synthetic leather, a very resistant and durable material.

43% discount, save 8.17 euros.

With RFID protection.


This fall-winter season enjoy maximum comfort and warmth with these slippers that have a soft and cozy lining. The rubber sole is resistant to wear and incorporates high-density memory foam providing maximum comfort.

32% discount, save 8 euros.

They are unisex.


Unisex Posture Corrector

This posture corrector allows good alignment in the back, shoulders and neck. This way you will avoid discomfort and ailments and you will be able to enjoy a healthier posture. It is adjustable and easy to use.

20% discount, save 4.39 euros.

It is invisible under clothing.

hand exerciser

If you are looking to exercise your hand strength anytime, anywhere, this article is essential for you. The resistance is adjustable (from 5 to 60 kilograms) to adapt it to our needs. It is available in different colors.

36% discount, save 4 euros.

The number one best seller on Amazon.

Professional pulse oximeter

In less than 10 seconds you will be able to know both your pulse and your oxygen level. This way, you will be able to control these two values ​​on a daily basis. It is very easy to use, since you just have to place it on your finger and wait for the values ​​to appear.

25% discount, save 6.42 euros.

Its precise detection stands out.

Elastic bodybuilding bands

Work your entire body with these elastic muscle training bands that have five different resistance levels. In addition, they include a carrying bag to store them comfortably and take them anywhere.

41% discount, save 5.35 euros.

It has five levels of resistance.


Bedside lamp

Achieving a cozy and pleasant atmosphere is now possible with this night lamp that allows you to choose between 13 different colors. It incorporates three lighting modes and five brightness levels, which can be adjusted both by remote control and by touching the lamp itself.

40% discount, save 10 euros.

Equipped with 13 colors of light.

Tactical knife and flashlight

Two items if you go to the countryside or the mountains that cannot be missing in your backpack. Thus, this flashlight incorporates five different lighting modes (high, medium, low, strobe and SOS.) The knife has a powerful edge and is multifunctional (bottle opener, glass breaker, seat belt cutter, blade and saw).

46% discount, save 12.55 euros.

Their high quality materials stand out.

Antiparasite collar for dogs and cats

Protect your pets from parasites such as fleas or ticks for up to 8 months with this collar. It is water resistant and adjustable around the neck for greater comfort.

21% discount, save 2.95 euros.

It adjusts easily.

Electric milk frother

Enjoy a creamy coffee, a well-whipped cocoa or any other type of drink with this frother that allows you to perfectly mix milk, chocolate or matcha. It incorporates different heads and has three different speeds.

15% discount, save 2.40 euros.

Rechargeable via USB.

folding umbrella

Light and easy to transport. This is this mini umbrella that has a very practical folding design. It is ideal for both protection from rain and sun and is available in different colors.

15% discount, save 1.80 euros.

Quick drying.

Lot of 20 hangers

These hangers are ideal for hanging all your clothes and keeping them organized and wrinkle-free in your closet. It features a sturdy structure and the hooks rotate 360 ​​degrees for greater comfort.

18% discount, save 3.96 euros.

They are made of velvet so that the clothes do not slip.

Lint roller

It is the number one best seller and has more than 77,200 reviews on Amazon. Thus, this lint roller is perfect for removing pet hair from sofas, cushions or blankets.

15% discount, save 2.85 euros.

Ideal for collecting pet hair.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of November 21, 2023.

[Recuerda que si eres usuario de Amazon Prime, todas las compras tienen gastos de envío gratuitos. Amazon ofrece un período de prueba gratuito y sin compromiso durante 30 días.]

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