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Meta had already announced its intention to integrate AI-powered chats into its messaging apps. For this reason, WhatsApp now includes a quick access button from a tab of the app, to open them quickly.

The beta version of the WhatsApp app for Android already includes this new feature. WhatsApp is preparing for ‘chatbots’ based on artificial intelligence (AI), integrating a quick access button from the Chats tab itself in the application.

In September, Meta announced its goal to integrate AI-based chats into its messaging apps, including WhatsApp. For this reason, version now introduces a button to reach ‘chatbots’, which quickly opens conversations powered by AI, without having to search for them in the contact list.

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The button is at the bottom of the Chats tab, above the icon that allows you to create a new chat. It has the image of a circle with blue and pink tones. Meta is also working on a virtual assistant powered by the large language model Llama 2, with which it will be possible to interact with natural language in different services.

It has also made known the agents, ‘chatbots’ with their own personality, opinion and interests. Chats powered by artificial intelligence are basically designed to help people with their daily activities by providing them with advice and more information. The tool would be fully available in 2024.

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