Yoko Taro talks about the future of NieR

NieR It is one of the most acclaimed video game series in recent years. However, the last time we saw a new game in this franchise was in 2021, when NieR Reincarnation arrived on mobile devices. Since then, fans have been wondering when Yoko Taro’s masterpiece will return to our lives. Fortunately, It seems that this will happen in the future.

Last weekend the G-STAR 2023 event took place in South Korea, where Yoko Taro, creator of NieR, and Yosuke Saito, producer of the series, had the opportunity to talk about the development of NieR: Automata. As expected, the future of this franchise was a topic of conversation in this presentation. Although there is no clear information at the moment, Saito mentioned that as long as Taro is alive, NieR’s ownership will continue.

However, Issues beyond their control prevented the NieR series from having another installment as soon as they would have liked.. Along with this, Saito mentioned that he is working with Taro on a new game separate from NieR, which he hopes to talk about at some point in 2024.

Let us remember that NieR began as a continuation of the Drakengard series. Although the first title in the series did not have the success that was expected, Yoko Taro did not give up, and in 2017 he gave us NieR: Automatawhich was developed by PlatinumGames. This installment became a resounding success for Square Enix, which not only invested much more in this property, but Yoko Taro’s name began to be heard everywhere.

After Automata, Square Enix gave us NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, a remastering of the original game with a series of improvements of all kinds. After, in 2021 we saw NieR Reincarnationa game for mobile deviceswhich, although it does not continue the story of the first two titles, does expand its world.

While we haven’t seen any new NieR games since then, Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito have been keeping busy with different projects. In the span of just one year we were given three sets of Voice of Cards, a series of RPGs with a minimalist visual style, which are very worthwhile for the story with the classic touches of Taro. Likewise, this same year he reached mobile devices 404 Game Re:set in collaboration with SEGA.

And if that was not enough, Saito has already confirmed another game away from NieR, which we’ll hear more about next year. Returning to the beloved series, although there is no specific information at the moment, the producer’s recent statements make it clear that we have not yet seen the last of NieR.

However, it is likely that the next game in the series will be far from the story of 2B and company. Considering the end of Automaton, we are likely to see a story that takes place in this worldbut it is far from the adventures that we already know, although the possibility that we see the events that take place between them is not ruled out. Replicant and Automatonwhich would be interesting.

On related topics, NieR 12024 orchestra trailer appears, but is deleted. Likewise, a Japanese model surprises us with her 2B cosplay.

Editor’s Note:

NieR is a fantastic series that was born from Drakengard, a movement that no one expected, that could only come from the mind of Yoko Taro. To be honest, anything with this developer’s name on it is sure to be very worthwhile, but it won’t be for everyone.

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