Nintendo Switch Update 17.0.0: Patch Notes and Changes

Nintendo Switch Update 17.0.0: Patch Notes and Changes
Nintendo Switch Update 17.0.0: Patch Notes and Changes

Nintendo updates the Switch again, only this time slightly and without rebooting the console. We leave you with the changes that are implemented in version 17.0.0 that is already with us.

Nintendo Switch launches the update 17.0.0 and change version, without affecting NSO or its games. We leave you with the changes of a phantom readjustment of the firmware in the console.

There are no patch notes as such because the company has updated it in detail, so its details are also somewhat scarce; if it weren’t for the dataminers.

After a version 17.00 (not to be confused with the current one and which we are talking about right now) that was launched on October 11, this one arrives without making much noise; hardly anything.

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This time Nintendo has opted for a Switch reboot-free updatetherefore it will not cause so much inconvenience to those who are going to play and must first go through the hoop.

As dataminer ‘OatmealDome’ explains in the Elon Musk’s social networkthese updates do not even require the user to wait for a download.

And as for the Phantom Firmware Update 17.0.0 Changes for Nintendo Switcheverything seems to indicate that it is focusing again on the list of bad words.

The console and its Joy Con have a new version before each game

As ‘OatmealDome’ explains on its Twitter account, “A reboot-free update for version 17.0.0 has arrived. The only changes are to the list of swear words:

A Nazi phrase is blocked in all languages ​​instead of some, some Japanese phrases about killing people were blocked and ‘Leprosy’ has been blocked in Dutch“.

Although this same user comments in another tweet: “At least, I think it’s the word for ‘leprosy’ in Dutch. The blocked word was specifically ‘leprosy’“.

Although some users are making jokes about Binding of Isaac and what this latest change may mean, the rest of the changes seem to be quite reasonable.

As usual, the Nintendo patch notes for original firmware update 17.0.0 on Switch They include general system stability improvements to improve the overall user experience.

Now what Nintendo Switch already has this ghost firmware update 17.0.0 that does not restart the consoleit is seen that what was added is a minor matter and we can only wait for a more important one.

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