the new way to play on YouTube

the new way to play on YouTube
the new way to play on YouTube

Google has started the testing period for YouTube Playables and the leaked images show how the integration of video games on YouTube will work

The first images of YouTube Playables leaked: this is how the video game service that will be integrated into YouTube will work.

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YouTube Playables is the latest proposal from Google’s streaming video platform, The basis of the project is the integration of video games within YouTube. The idea is not innovative, Netflix already does it and, currently, playing any type of title is really easy thanks to the enormous number of services offered on the market.

What makes YouTube Playables special? The reality is that nothing, but Google seems not to want to abandon the video game sector after the failure of Stadia. This time the approach is different, it is not based on the creation of a new platform and will use YouTube as the support for this new journey in an increasingly competitive sector.

YouTube Playables: how it works and what the YouTube video game service offers

Google announced YouTube Playables in September of this year and since then the company has kept the project under wraps, until now. The leak of a user to Android Authority has allowed know almost completely the interface that YouTube Playables will release and its functionalities.

The captures that have been obtained show that games within YouTube will have their own spacethus differentiating content such as videos or shorts from video games that will now be offered on YouTube as part of Google’s new foray into this sector.

At the level of available games, there is bad news for all those people who were waiting for console titles on YouTube. YouTube Playables games are for mobile devicesthe titles available and that can be seen thanks to the screenshots are the following:

  • Color Pixel Art
  • Carrom Clash
  • Cannon Balls 3D
  • Basketball FRVR
  • Angry Birds Showdown
  • Cube Tower
  • Crazy Caves
  • Extreme Scooter
  • Brain Out
  • 8 Ball Billiards Classic
  • Color Burst 3D
  • Stack Bounce
  • Daily Crossword
  • Daily Solitaire

The screenshots show the YouTube Playables interface on mobile phones, but It is expected that this new service will also be integrated into the desktop version of YouTube. This bet is differential because it would make a difference with Netflix, which only offers video games on mobile phones.

Google has not yet offered a date when YouTube Playables will be available, although from the screenshots it can be seen that The demo of the service will be available until March 28. Of course, to be able to try it you will need to have a YouTube Premium subscription and, logically, be lucky enough to be selected when you apply.

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