These are the news that we would see

These are the news that we would see
These are the news that we would see

Apple is internally testing iOS 17.1.2, when it would be released and what new features we would see.

iOS 17.1.2 would be released imminently

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Apple is already preparing the release of iOS 17.1.2. A version that will arrive with the aim of solving different errors that still need to be corrected in the operating system after the recent launch of iOS 17.1.1. It has been discovered that the company is testing this version internally, which means that we will see her very soon.

This situation always happens. If it is discovered that Apple is testing a version of iOS internally, it won’t take us too long to see it. Taking into account that the week of They don’t usually release anything related to software, it is very possible that we will see iOS 17.1.2 next week.

What’s new in iOS 17.1.2

iOS 17.1.2 It will be a minor update, so we don’t expect to see any news as such. There are still some bugs that users report, but it is not clear what errors would be corrected. There are people who continue to suffer Wi-Fi related problems on the iPhone that causes disconnections and slowness, as well as crashes in notifications and the Home app.

As we pointed out, the week of thanksgiving We don’t usually see anything because Apple gives its employees the week off during this week. This means that, according to the antecedents, iOS 17.1.2 would be released next week. When testing was carried out with iOS 17.1.1, it was released the week after the evidence was found.

iOS 17.1.1 Fixed issues related to chargers on some BMW models and crashes in lock screen weather widgets. We don’t know if the issues with the Wi-Fi connection will finally be resolved, as Apple confirmed that this will be resolved when iOS 17.2 is released in the coming weeks.

We must also take into account that we will see the news in iOS 17.2, a version that will come with Apple Music shared lists and the list of favorite songs, the Diary app and more. We hope to see it around December, so there isn’t much left before we can start enjoying all the news.

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