Google modernizes its Chrome Web Store, with a new design and more intuitive navigation

Google modernizes its Chrome Web Store, with a new design and more intuitive navigation
Google modernizes its Chrome Web Store, with a new design and more intuitive navigation

Find out about all the new features in the North American company’s browser add-ons store.

Image of the new Chrome Web Store.

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It is one of the most used browsers on mobile devices and computers. In Google Chrome you can use ChatGPT extensions; by the way, we have a guide to learn how to use extensions in Chrome, as well as use their themes to give the browser a different appearance. Now your store is updated and adds interesting news.

Welcome to the new Chrome Web Store

Thanks to the information published on the Google blog, we have learned that the Chrome Web Store has been updated and it has changed, quite visibly, its design and the appearance of the interface. And, as it could not be otherwise, the design adopt the Material You languagewhich is already present in the latest versions of Android.

Navigation through the store becomes much more enjoyable, being able to quickly search for extensions thanks to the search box at the top, although it seems that what Google wants is for you to go to the store several times a week, since it has new sections to discover news that, perhaps, you had overlooked.

For example, there is now a main element in the form of a large advertisement presiding over the store, in which the latest news in the Chrome Web Store and that allows you to know the essential collection to get started with extensions, discover Chrome backgrounds by indigenous South American artists or black artists, see an extension selected by the editors or those favorites in 2022.

Additionally, as you scroll down the main page of the Chrome extensions and themes store, you will be able to see the new categories, which are divided into Shopping, Entertainment, Art and Design, Tools and Accessibility. You will also be able to learn about choices made based on the extensions you have previously used or, for example, extensions based on the novel Generative AI.

If you have never stopped to visit this Chrome Web Store, we advise you to give the new design a chance, since in addition to knowing extensions that use artificial intelligence to help you in your work and personal life, you can also find extensions to help you save on your purchases online, for improve gaming experience or for personalize to the maximum each tab and give your personal touch to the Google browser.

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