Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers new details of its combat system

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers new details of its combat system
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers new details of its combat system

Aerith and Red XII are the protagonists of this new information.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to be released next year in 2024.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is, without a doubt, one of the best games in history, and it not only managed to meet the expectations that there were about it, but also managed to surprise greatly, especially for being more of a reboot/remake, which gave players who already enjoyed the original more reasons to get into it. Now, at the beginning of next year, we will receive the second part, known as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which promises to be innovative compared to the first installment of this sub-sagaand that includes its combat system.

Now Square Enix has wanted to offer some news about its combat system, which seems to adhere closely to what we found in its predecessor, but at the same time innovate enough to feel like a totally new delivery. For example of this we have the topic of Synergies, techniques that we already found in its predecessor, but which seem to be more numerous and more emphasized for Rebirth. Unfortunately, The developers did not want to give all the details about it.

Network XII Intergrade Attacks

New images provided by Square Enix.

In addition to this, the team responsible wanted to resolve another existential doubt that many of us had: how Aerith and Red XII will be played. To begin with, we have learned that everyone’s beloved florist will be able to use the Ward Shift abilitywhich allows the following: “Instantly transfer to any emblem you have created, allowing you to move around the field with ease and maximize the impact of your magic.”

On the Red XII side, not many details have been given, but we have been able to find out that it will be playable (something that had already been revealed previously), and that will have a revenge mode. In order to activate it, a bar must be filled thanks to blocking different attacks. Once full, by activating this mode, your physical capabilities and evasion skills will be increased.

There’s less left for the second part

As we said, Rebirth is the second part of this sub-saga, which will initially have 5 installments. In this case, we can continue with the adventure of Cloud and company starting next February 29, 2024although it can only be done on PS5, since it is exclusive to this platform.

On the other hand, if you haven’t prepared for it yetwe leave you here our analysis of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

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