Two-factor authentication: what are the most common types? | TECHNOLOGY

Two-factor authentication: what are the most common types? | TECHNOLOGY
Two-factor authentication: what are the most common types? | TECHNOLOGY

As a user of Internetyou have probably heard about two-factor authentication, as it is usually a measure implemented for the protection and security of online accounts.

For example, when you try log inthe website will ask you to verify that you are the owner of said account. That’s when this usually comes in method. If you’re wondering how it works and how many types there are, here’s what you need to know.

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These are the types of two-factor authentication

The authentication of two factors helps reinforce the security in your accounts of Internet. Its operation is simple. As mentioned above, the method asks you to prove that you are the owner through two ways. In accordance with Kasperskythe first is usually the password and the second will depend on each particular case.

In that sense, there are several guys of authentication of two factors. One of the most common are single use codes which are sent via text messages, email or voice calls.

This method allows the platform make sure that the person trying to log into the account is the same person who also has access to others devices linked. Hence, the key is usually sent to the previously registered cell phone as a security measure. security.

The password is also one of the two factors authentication of online accounts. It is usually presented as the first option. However, according to Kasperskyit can be the second, especially in instant messaging applications.

Very frequent options in services Googlelike Gmail, are a pin codethe answers to security questions previously selected by the user and the push notifications sent directly to the registered device. You can also use the so-called security token which, according to the official site of the company specialized in antivirus software AVGare a small hardware device that is linked to the website.

Other types are single use code lists that are generated randomly and are delivered to the user in advance. The company specialized in cybersecurity points out that this method is common in the confirmation of bank transactions or in the recovery of accounts for certain services Internet.

It should be noted that there are applications of authentication which can also be considered to fulfill this function. Currently, there are several options available for all types of smart devices. Its use will depend on the needs of each user.

Some less recurrent ones are biometric methods. Although it seems like something from the future, they are gaining ground every time, since they allow the user to access their accounts through fingerprints and facial recognition.

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