WhatsApp: the steps to know if the contact that blocked you is online | SPORT-PLAY

WhatsApp: the steps to know if the contact that blocked you is online | SPORT-PLAY
WhatsApp: the steps to know if the contact that blocked you is online | SPORT-PLAY

If someone blocks your number on WhatsApp Messenger You will continue chatting without problems, but you will no longer be able to send messages or multimedia files to that person, it will be impossible to communicate with him or her through calls and video calls, and their statuses will not appear either.

However, There is a very curious and legal way to know if the contact who blocked you is onlineyou will even be able to send him text messages and multimedia files, he will even respond to you, if he so chooses.

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The positive side is that It will not be necessary to download third-party applications or APK programs such as WhatsApp Plus, Fouad, GB, etc. Take note and follow the steps to the letter.

How to know if a contact who blocked you on WhatsApp is online

  • First, ask a friend to create a group of WhatsApp.
  • Now, you will have to include yourself as a participant and You should do the same with the person who blocked you.
  • When everything is ready, send a message, video, audio, image, etc.
  • Wait a bit so that the user who blocked you has time to read the message.
  • The next step is to press for a few seconds on your text until it is shaded.
  • Some tools will be enabled at the top > press the three dots icon > click “Info”.
  • Finally, you will see “Read” If that contact saw what you shared, it means they are using the messaging app.
  • It will still leave the display mark, even if you have the read receipt disabled.

How to report an unknown number on WhatsApp

Here we explain what you should do if there is a number that texts you on WhatsApp that you don’t know and texts you without your consent.

  • Two options offered to you WhatsApp are to block and report the number.
  • Although with the first option he will not write to you again, blocking goes one step further.
  • Depending on the severity of the matter, WhatsApp may block that account.
  • If the messages they sent you were not to your liking, you can report it.
  • To do this, open the chat with the phone number you want to block.
  • Tap on the number, followed by “Block contact”.
  • After this, click “Report contact” and “Report and block”.
  • Finally, the person who owns that number will no longer be able to contact you.
  • This way, you can prevent third parties from continuing to contact your WhatsApp account and you can have a safer experience with the app.

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