Create a soundtrack with GarageBand

The sessions Today at Apple They offer free classes at Apple Stores – bring your iPad or iPhone, and if you don’t have one, they’ll give it to you! This time, children from eight to 12 years old learn with Garage Band


Three new free in-person calls for create music with Garage Band They have our full attention today, this time with the soundtracks made in the easiest way, and aimed at children.

They are quick formations of one hour longdesigned for children and with access under reservation (below we give you the link to secure your place)…

«Create the ideal song for your favorite game, series or book with Garage Band on iPad. Children ages eight to 12 will learn the basics of rhythm and then experiment with percussion, add pre-recorded loops, and make a remix of his song,” they tell us from Manzana

Open technology, open passion: No prior knowledge necessary

The truth is that it does not matter at all if the girl or boy has played a musical instrument before, or if it is their first time. Just take him to a store location Apple Store so you can start composing your own song using Live Loops of Garage Band in these sessions, enjoyable and fun. There he will practice with pre-recorded patterns on iPad to find his own style.


And as we made clear at the beginning, you can take your iPad (or iPhone!), and if you can’t or don’t have one, The Apple Store trainers will give the boy or girl a newly released unit so they can try out the current technology.

Everything is easy to learn with Garage Band in Today at Apple

The sessions Today at Apple They have already come a long way since their original launch in mid-2017. Other highly successful sessions influenced the creation of podcastsvoice recording and editing, or even remixes of successful singers, such as Madonna or Katy Perry.

The good thing, apart from learning how to use the tools easily, is the possibility of practicing what is assimilated to the create your own content together with the ideas of other participants. And anyone can do it, they prove it there!

And if you want to listen to these sessions with amplified sound, in Today at Apple They have a hearing system available to their visitors.


Follow the link below to see the dates of the following sessions at the different Apple Stores near your geographic location.

Today at Apple – GarageBand
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